Her Toxic Parents Told Her Being Transgender Is Against Their Faith and They Can’t Accept Her

This 21-year-old transgender woman is planning to start transitioning but she lacks her family’s support. They told her there is no place for transitioning in their religion.

Her Mom Didn’t Accept Her

The Original Poster (OP) came out to her mother about two years ago, but she didn’t take it kindly.

Her mother eventually referred to OP as a sinner and dragged her into therapy treatment, where OP merely pretended to be “cured of the gay.”

OP stayed with her grandparents while attending college for the next few years.

He Mother Demanded She “Dress More Manly”

However, as the pressure to conform to traditional gender norms and expectations mounted, she finally reached a breaking point in April. Her mother sent her a text demanding that she get a haircut, dress more manly, and care more about her appearance, or be forced to live with her again and work on her farm.

This message was the last straw, and she decided to come out to her mother once more.

Even though her mother didn’t yell as much as she did the previous time, she still labeled OP a sinner and said that “God doesn’t make mistakes.”

OP doesn’t really believe in religion, but she didn’t say that to her and didn’t intend to.

She Can’t Ignore Her Beliefs

Her mother also criticized her for asking her to accept her, stating that it was “rude” to ask her to put aside her beliefs.

Her mother also informed OP that she needed to tell her father about her identity, which she did a week later.

Her mother assured OP that she wouldn’t tell her father, but that she had to do it as quickly as possible.

Although OP’s father didn’t accept her either, he stated that everyone had their opinions and choices. However, he revealed that her mother had already told him before OP had the chance to.

Things took a turn when OP’s grandma recognized that OP had significantly altered her appearance to become more “feminine.”

Gay Friends Are “Tempting Her to Sin”

She launched into a tirade, stating that her generation was “very impressionable” and that OP’s friend’s gay lifestyle was “tempting her to sin.”

She even criticized OP’s father, calling him a failure and stating that his side of the family was not “real Christians.” All of these comments deeply hurt OP, and she decided to leave that night.

She moved back in with her parents, hoping to escape the toxicity of her mother’s side of the family. However, OP’s mother wanted to discuss what the grandmother said to OP.

But no matter what her mother said, OP insisted that she chose to be transgender. She informed her that choosing to be who you are is not a choice.

She Had Been Corrupted

However, her mother bragged about how OP will never be a woman and how evil had corrupted OP.

OP reached her breaking point and told her mother that her entire side of the family was toxic and that she couldn’t take it anymore. Her mother blamed her and stated that OP had broken her heart.

Now OP is trying to figure out how to get a roommate so that she can leave the toxic environment.

She Needs to Get Out

OP took to Reddit to ask whether she was wrong for lashing out at her mother.

Redditors sided with OP and said that she was not wrong and that her mother is very toxic.

One Redditor wrote, “This environment sounds not only toxic but really dangerous. People have been broken and even died after those “therapies”. If you can, you might want to consider moving out and getting at least some distance from them to not always have them around hurting you.”

Another Reddit user commented, “As soon as you are in a position to safely move out and get away from your toxic family, please do so. But please get yourself in a position where you have a job so you can support yourself and find someone you trust to move in with.”

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