Entitled Housemate Lives Rent-Free and Still Can’t Respect Her Friends Rules About Cooking Meat!

In a recent Reddit post, a user found herself in a problematic position involving religious beliefs and her own sensory restrictions. But is she really in any position to be making demands?

Dietary Preferences Clashed

In a recent Reddit post, a user found herself in a difficult position involving religious beliefs. Here’s the full story.

Emma, a 26-year-old between jobs, found herself in a challenging situation. After leaving a stressful job that took a toll on her mental health, she could no longer afford to live in her own apartment.

As a result, she moved in with her friend Sahana, a 25-year-old Indian woman.

However, their living arrangement took an unexpected turn when their differences in dietary preferences clashed.

A Conundrum

Emma had always understood Sahana’s vegetarian lifestyle, knowing that it was influenced by her religious beliefs.

Prior to moving in, Emma was aware that Sahana didn’t consume meat, including beef.

However, she didn’t fully grasp the extent of the restrictions until they started living together.

Sahana explained that she couldn’t have beef in the house, but poultry and fish were acceptable.

Emma, who had sensory issues and relied on a limited selection of “safe foods” to maintain her health, faced a conundrum.

Need for Compromise

One of the foods Emma enjoyed was beef tacos, and she approached Sahana with a request to make an exception.

Given that Emma didn’t adhere to Sahana’s religious beliefs, she believed it was reasonable to ask for beef tacos to be allowed in the house.

However, Sahana expressed discomfort with the idea and instead suggested finding alternative ways for Emma to enjoy her preferred food without bringing it into the shared living space.

Initially, Emma accepted Sahana’s response, understanding the need for compromise.

However, she felt that a fair compromise should involve both parties making concessions.

She Rules the Roost

Emma proposed that if Sahana expected her to forgo beef in the house, Sahana should also give up her Indian spices.

Emma reasoned that the strong aroma of these spices during cooking could trigger her sensory issues, causing discomfort.

From Emma’s perspective, this exchange would demonstrate mutual understanding and a shared effort to accommodate each other’s needs.

Unfortunately, Sahana did not view Emma’s proposition as a fair compromise. Sahana reminded Emma that she was graciously allowing her to stay in the apartment rent-free and believed this gave her the authority to set the rules.

Sahana dismissed Emma’s concerns, implying that she was making excessive demands.

Expect Everyone Else to Cater to You

Emma thinks Sahana is being very restrictive and insensitive. But Emma can’t move as she can’t find anyone else who’ll let her stay for free.

She took to Reddit to ask whether she was in the wrong in the whole situation and several Redditors said that she was wrong.

One Reddit user wrote, “Sorry, there are no compromises. It is her apartment you are staying rent-free in. You follow her rules.”

Another Redditor commented, “Sahana is offering reasonable compromises while you’re demanding unreasonable ones. I have a feeling that the reason you’re unemployed and have no one else willing to take you in is because you expect everyone to cater to you at the expense of themselves.”

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