His Girlfriend Killed an Ant and Now He’s Not Talking To Her!

This guy recently turned to Reddit to ask whether he was wrong for getting angry and avoiding his girlfriend because she killed a bug. Here’s the full story.

He’s a Bug Lover

The Original Poster (OP) is a 17-year-old who believes that it’s not right to kill bugs. He loves every living being, and when it comes to bugs, he likes to simply scoop them up in a paper cup and take them outside or to open a window and send them outside, wherever possible.

This is because OP believes they are merely attempting to live their lives and survive, and it seems terrible to him to kill them for no other reason than that they are an inconvenience.

OP goes on to mention that, after all, people wouldn’t appreciate it if giants made a deliberate effort to crush humans to death.

For mosquitoes and other insects that are truly harmful to humans, OP says he can sort of make an exception.

He’s Girlfriend Saw an Ant

The story begins with OP and his girlfriend lounging on his bed. Suddenly, OP spotted an ant crawling along the floor, making its way toward the bed.

OP, known among his friends for his love of nature and belief in respecting all living creatures, immediately sprang into action. “Don’t kill it,” he told his GF.

His GF nodded nonchalantly, and OP went downstairs to help his mother with something.

When he came back upstairs, he asked his GF what she did with the ant.

She said she killed it with the TV remote, to his horror.

She Had Squashed It

OP was taken aback and asked why she did that.

It just seems needless, and OP was concerned by his girlfriend’s casual attitude about it.

OP says it would be quite simple and easy for her to ignore it until OP could put it in a cup and take it outside.

OP’s girlfriend claimed that it’s not a huge deal and that by simply wearing shoes daily, everyone probably kills many bugs.

OP argued that killing a bug because it was inconvenient wasn’t a good idea and that the difference between the two situations was that in the latter, OP had control.

He Didn’t Want to Be Around Her

As the days passed, OP found it harder and harder to be around his GF. He felt angry and disappointed that she didn’t share his values, and he couldn’t understand why she couldn’t see things from his perspective.

OP’s GF, for her part, was getting frustrated with OP’s attitude.

She thought he was overly dramatic about the whole thing and taking a minor incident far too seriously.

She wanted to move past it and get back to their normal relationship, but OP’s anger seemed to be getting in the way.

Eventually, OP decided that he needed some time alone to think.

OP told his GF that he needed space and had been avoiding her for a while.

He Needed Time to Think

OP took to Reddit, and Redditors were split in their views.

One Reddit user said that it’s a bug and it doesn’t have any sentience, and OP must make things up with his GF as this is a really silly thing to be fighting about.

As a reply, OP said whether bugs are sentient or not, they can still most likely feel pain according to science, and his girlfriend shouldn’t have lied about saying she’d take it out in a paper cup when she was just going to kill it instead.

Another Redditor wrote, “She shouldn’t have killed a bug you expressly asked her not to kill, and you are taking killing an ant super seriously. I can respect your desire to not kill bugs, but I gotta say most people are going to be nonchalant about killing an ant. Maybe you should date people who agree with your viewpoint if it’s gonna bother you this much?”

So what is your view? Do you think OP is being too dramatic?

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