He’s a Tank Gunner Who Is Qualified to Fly a Plane, All Because His Superiors Wouldn’t Grant His Request to Be Closer to His Sick Wife

He wanted to be closer to his wife, who was sick, but his superiors denied his request. He didn’t take it lying down.

His Wife Was Sick

The story revolves around a tank gunner in the army, whose morale was at an all-time low. 

The reason being, he was recently denied a posting, which would have brought him closer to his wife’s doctors. His wife was scheduled to have open-heart surgery, and he needed to be there to support her during the difficult time. 

His Superiors Wouldn’t Allow Him to Be Closer

His superiors denied his request, citing that it was his wife’s fault that they moved up here.

Feeling utterly helpless and angry, the tank gunner was looking for ways to vent his frustration and make his superiors pay for their apathy. 

He Was Frustrated

That’s when he came across a subreddit on the military, where he saw a post titled “Interesting courses to boost my career.” The post contained several comments, and one of them caught the tank gunner’s attention.

The course qualified individuals to fly as passengers in his country’s version of the F-18 fighter jet.

The tank gunner was intrigued and decided to take the course. He went through all the slides and took detailed notes on the subject material. 

He Started Taking Courses

He failed the test the first time around, but he persevered and aced it on the second try. To add insult to injury, he completed several padding courses, making it harder for his superiors to sort through his certificates.

He then handed all his certificates to his immediate supervisor, feeling smug and pleased with himself. 

His supervisor, however, was not impressed. He picked up the certificate for the F-18 course and exclaimed, “YOU KNOW THAT COURSE COST US $2000.00?!” 

He’s a Tank Gunner That Can Fly a Plane

The tank gunner simply grinned and replied, “I was told to do online courses in my spare time. I wasn’t given specifics.”

His supervisor tried his best to get the tank gunner into trouble with the commander, but he couldn’t touch him since he followed an order. 

Now the tank gunner is known as the only tanker in his country with that course and qualification. His reputation as a maverick grew, and many hailed him as a hero who had outsmarted the system.

What Redditors Thought

One user wrote, “All you gotta do now is tape some cardboard wings on your tank and hit a jump as fast as you can! Your M1 (or M60 or T62 or whatever) will transform into a glorious F18!”

Another said, “$2,000.00. Pffft! Chump change. For ANY military!”

What do you think? Was this just the moral boost the man was looking for? Should he cost the military this much money?

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