He’s Facing a Battle With His Sister Over Sending Their Disabled Brother Into a Care Facility After Losing Both Parents to COVID

After losing both of his parents due to Covid-19, Alex has to take care of his disabled brother. It has become too much to handle, and he and his sister are in a tragic family feud.

They Lost Their Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Alex has two siblings, including a disabled brother Max. Their parents were always Max’s primary caregivers, looking after him 24/7.

Tragedy struck during the COVID-19 pandemic when their parents passed away, leaving the siblings to look after each other.

Alex found himself caring for Max every day. He attended to Max’s physical and emotional needs, which became too overwhelming in the end. 

He Asked for His Sister’s Help

He reached out to his sister, who lived in a different state, seeking assistance.

His sister, a married, stay-at-home mother of two young children, listened to Alex’s plea and understood the problem. She decided it would be too much for her family to take Max into their home.

His sister decided it was in Max’s best interest to find a specialized home to look after him, ensuring Max’s well-being while his siblings continued with their lives.

His Sister Thought They Should Send Their Brother to a Specialized Home

Alex reacted with anger and disappointment as he wanted Max to stay with the family.

The siblings found themselves in a heated debate where accusations flew, and neither person could agree.

His sister wrestled with guilt and self-doubt, questioning her choices, and she wondered if she was failing her brother.

In the end, his sister stood firm in her decision, knowing that it came from a place of love and concern for Max and her family. 

She hopes that one day Alex will come to understand.

He Needs Qualified Carers

Redditors were quick to respond, with this user being sympathetic towards the three siblings, “A group home with qualified caretakers would be the best thing for everyone, and your parents should have set this up prior to passing.”

On the other hand, some didn’t like Alex’s handling of the situation, “your brother no longer wants to care for him, so he is trying to put this responsibility on you. He calls you heartless for wanting to put him in a facility that offers the best possible care when he’s trying to get him out of his own house – hypocritical.”

Was Alex out of order when he asked his sister to take Max from him? Let us know in the comments.

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