He’s Trying to Control His Mother’s Movements, Saying She Needs to Be at His Wedding Above All Else. Is He Being a “Groomzilla?”

He comes from a big family with traditional ideas about when you should get married and have children. As the youngest in the family, has he overstepped his position by announcing his wedding too soon?

A Traditional Family

A 26-year-old man finds himself in a complex family situation involving his two sisters. The Original Poster (OP) is the third child in the family, with a 27-year-old sister in the second position and a 29-year-old sister in the first. 

The eldest sister, Natalie, got married in 2019 and had her first child in 2021, in accordance with the family’s traditional values of getting married and having children in a specific order. 

When OP’s second sister, Kimberly, got engaged, she also planned to follow this tradition by waiting until after Natalie had a child before getting married and starting a family of her own.

COVID-19 Throws a Spanner in the Works

The COVID-19 pandemic and Natalie’s move with her husband delayed her plans, and she didn’t become pregnant until two years after her wedding. This, in turn, caused Kimberly to postpone her own wedding and baby plans so as not to upstage her older sister. 

Kimberly had been trying to conceive for a few months before the man announced his wedding date in the fall of 2022.

As soon as Kimberly heard the news, OP asked her to hold off on trying to conceive for a month or two, so that she wouldn’t be due too close to his wedding date in September 2023. 

He Asked Her To Hold Off On Her Family Planning

He explained that his wedding would be a destination event, and that it would be difficult for her to fly if she were pregnant. Kimberly promised to consider his request, but she was eager to have her child close to her sister, so she continued to try to conceive.

To OP’s dismay, Kimberly became pregnant soon after, and her due date turned out to be the exact same day as his wedding. He was furious, and so was his fiancé, who was involved in the wedding planning from the start. 

OP had been the primary planner of the event and had put a lot of effort into making it perfect, so he was devastated that his sister’s pregnancy would overshadow his big day.

OP insisted his mother attend his wedding instead of the birth since he had announced his wedding date before Kimberly got pregnant. 

His mother, who was the favored parent in the family and attended Natalie’s first birth, agreed to his request. 

Kimberly was furious with OP for convincing their mother not to attend her birth, and the two siblings are now not speaking.

The situation has split the family down the middle, with some members supporting OP’s decision and others feeling their mother should attend the birth. 

Here’s What Redditors Said

Pippi-Sky1648 replied, “I can’t believe you actually thought it was appropriate to ask your sister to adjust her family planning to accommodate your wedding planning. You, sir, are off your rocker.”

Another wrote, “It’s absurd that your middle sister waited two years for your older sister. It’s absurd that you expect your sister to hold off trying to get pregnant for your wedding. It’s absurd for you to demand your mom attend one event over the other. The whole thing is absurd.”

What do you think? Was this a reasonable request, or is he a Groomzillla?

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