His Brother Plans to Pretend to be Gay to Get His Hands On His Aunt’s Money – Should He Tell Her the Truth?

His brother wants to pretend to be gay in order to inherit money from his vengeful aunt. 

His Brother Wants to Pretend to Be Gay to Work His Way Into His Gay Aunt’s Will. She’s Wronged the Family Before, and He’s Not Sure if She Deserves to Know the Truth

Aunt Paints Him as a Racist

The Original Poster (OP), a 24-year-old has an older sister aged 27 and two younger brothers aged 21 and 19.

OP’s uncle aged 60, and aunt, aged 57 split after the aunt cheated on him.

His aunt attempted to paint his uncle as a racist for not supporting her coming out because the affair partner was a lady.

A Traditional Family

The majority of OP’s family is pretty traditional, but aside from one elderly relative that no one loves to see, nobody cares that their aunt is gay.

However, it became apparent that the divorce was a result of the aunt’s multiple affairs with both men and women.

The family, although accepting of the aunt’s sexual orientation, was more concerned with her betrayal and dishonesty.

Aunt Becomes Vengeful

She became vengeful after the divorce, to the extent that she tried to use OP’s cousins to fabricate abuse claims.

The cousins remained devoted to their father/ OP’s uncle because they were teenagers at the time and supposedly experienced severe abuse from their mother/ OP’s aunt at home.

After the divorce, OP’s uncle essentially handed her the house, his cars and the majority of the cash from the sale of his business just to get her out of his life.

Even her children wouldn’t speak to her once the divorce was finalized. OP’s uncle’s financial situation has largely improved despite having a difficult two years.

A Luxurious Lifestyle

The uncle is retired now, and the aunt who received the majority is now leading a very luxurious life.

Her children and OP’s side of the family disowned her after the divorce.

She tried to paint OP’s family as a bigoted family on social media, but they were over it.

However, the problem began when OP’s brother became close to their aunt.

Lavish Gifts and a Cunning Plan

After the divorce, OP’s brother called her, hung out with her, and openly adopted any political stance she took in exchange for some fairly extreme gifts.

One instance is when he visited her a year ago and returned with a BMW she had gifted him.

OP’s brother was boasting one night that he had the plan to manipulate their aunt into getting his name into her will by convincing his best friend to join him and acting like a gay couple in front of her.

OP says they all despise their aunt, but this scheme of his brother disgusted him even more.

As a result, OP is now thinking of telling his aunt of his brother’s plan as OP thinks it is unjust.

Support from Users

He took to Reddit to ask if he would be wrong for exposing his brother and several Redditors sided with OP saying he was not wrong.

One Reddit user wrote, “I would consider whether you want to stick yourself in the middle of this considering your lack of a relationship with your aunt. It sounds like it could potentially kick off another family feud between you and your brother.

I’d tell him your feelings about the situation first since going to your aunt is more the nuclear option.”

Try a Little Kindness

Another Redditor pointed out that whether OP’s family dislikes her or not, scheming to get her money is dishonest. The comment read, “Try just being civil to her, a little kindness will get you further than a lie.”

A third Reddit user commented, “What a disgusting set of events. Get some family members together and try to talk lil bro out of it, including warning him that you’ll blow him up if he goes through with it.”

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