His Coworkers Wouldn’t Turn Off Their Radio, so He Blew It Up! Problem Solved!!

In this story, an electrician cleverly taught his coworkers a lesson they wouldn’t forget. Keep reading to find out how they got their petty revenge.

A Big Project

Benjamin had been working as an electrician in a major metropolitan area for many years, and during that time, he had seen his fair share of difficult projects. However, one particular project stood out in his mind.

It was a years-long project for a multinational pet food brand that involved constructing several buildings, including a factory, research facility, and offices. Benjamin and his crew were responsible for the electrical work on these buildings, which meant that they had to pull tons of wire through conduits.

One building in particular, the research and development facility, required a lot of dedicated circuits. Each outlet got fed by one breaker in the panel, which meant that Benjamin and his crew had to pull even more wire than usual. They worked long days pulling bundles from point A to point B, making sure they were all wired correctly.

Not Everyone Was a Team Player

However, not everyone on the job site was as accommodating as Benjamin and his crew. The floor guys, who were responsible for laying the flooring in the research and development facility, would plug in a radio and crank up the volume while they worked.

Most days, nobody minded, but when Benjamin and his crew were doing wire pulls, they needed to be able to communicate with each other. It was essential they could hear each other over the radio, as they needed to coordinate their actions.

So, Benjamin and his crew politely asked the floor guys to turn the music off while they were doing wire pulls. However, the floor guys refused, saying that they needed their jams to work.

They Refused to Shut Off the Music

One of Benjamin’s colleagues, an old timer named Ollie, was cool but didn’t take any crap. He hatched a plan to get revenge on the floor guys. He asked Benjamin to find out which circuit controlled the plug the floor guys used for their radio, and then he came up with a plan to teach them a lesson.

The next morning, Benjamin arrived early at the job site and found Ollie waiting for him. They opened up the 277-volt and 120-volt panels that fed the plug the floor guys used. They then jumpered a wire from the 277-volt panel to the plug, essentially feeding more than twice as much electricity to that outlet.

Benjamin’s job was to watch the floor guys and let Ollie know if they tried to turn on their radio.

So They Blew It Up

A few minutes later, the floor guys arrived, plugged in their radio, and turned it on. To their surprise, no sound came out, but smoke started billowing out of the radio. Benjamin quickly returned to the electrical room with Ollie, and they put everything back to normal.

A couple of minutes later, one of the floor guys found Benjamin and Ollie and told them that the plug wasn’t working.

Ollie, quick on his feet, grabbed a corded drill and headed over to the plug. He plugged in the drill and fired it up, saying, “Seems like it’s working fine. Maybe your radio is busted?” As he headed back to Benjamin, he muttered under his breath, “Let’s see if you can’t work without your [] jams.”

From that day on, the floor guys’ radio never worked again, and Benjamin and his crew were finally able to work in blessed silence. It was petty revenge, but getting back at the floor guys for their lack of consideration felt good.

It Was Extremely Satisfying

Looking back, Benjamin felt a sense of satisfaction at how they had been able to get revenge on the floor guys. He knew it was petty, but it was the only way they could get the floor guys to listen to their requests.

Benjamin and Ollie may have been considered “the bad guys” in this situation, but they felt that they were justified in their actions. The floor guys had been unwilling to compromise, and sometimes, a little petty revenge was necessary to make a point.

It’s worth pondering the question of whether this was the best way to handle the situation. While the floor guys were certainly inconsiderate and rude, was it fair for Benjamin and Ollie to potentially put them in danger by messing with the electrical panel?

What if someone was injured or if the damage had been more severe? In the future, it might be worth considering alternative ways to resolve conflicts in the workplace rather than resorting to petty revenge tactics.

After all, everyone deserves to feel safe and respected on the job, regardless of their role.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you had to take matters into your own hands? What was the outcome?

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