He Blamed the Car Wash for His Own Incompetence, so They Pulled Out the Camera Footage

Chet found himself at the center of a dispute between two customers who claimed that the gas station’s car wash caused damage to their vehicles. 

A Gas Station Attendant

Chett was a hardworking employee at a gas station with a car wash. He was always ready to assist customers and make sure that their experience was a pleasant one. However, the car wash was the source of 80% of all customer grievances.

This was because the car wash used a chain that pulled every vehicle through at the same speed, about 25 feet apart. Despite the frequent complaints, the gas station management had not taken any steps to upgrade the car wash.

An Incident in the Car Wash

One weekday afternoon, Chett was stocking shelves when a young woman and an older man entered the gas station together. They approached Chett and asked to speak with him. As Chett greeted them with a smile, the woman began to explain that they had both gone through the car wash, but their vehicles got damaged within it.

The older man immediately interjected, “Your car wash damaged my car! Both of ours.”

Chett was not surprised to hear such a complaint. He had heard it several times before. However, he knew that he needed to handle the situation professionally and calmly. “Huh, how so?” he asked.

The woman spoke up, “We were both in the car wash. I was ahead of him, and the car wash pulled his car into the back of mine hard.”

An Unfeasible Story

Chett knew that this was impossible. The chain that pulled the vehicles through the car wash could not pull one vehicle faster or slower than another. He quickly informed them of this fact.

The woman was taken aback and asked, “Is it po–“

The older man cut her off, “Are you calling me a LIAR?!”

Chett remained calm and pointed out, “What I’m saying is that the car wash couldn’t have done this. Either you hit the brakes, or you hit the gas.”

“I didn’t touch the brakes,” the woman said, sounding uncertain.

“I’m not STUPID!” the man shot back. “I never touched the gas pedal!”

It Was a Common Mistake

In Chett’s experience, older people often had difficulty using the car wash, so he suspected that the older man was responsible for the accident. He decided to check the security cameras to see what had actually happened.

“Well, thankfully, the car wash is lined with cameras, so I’ll just go rewind the footage and see what happened,” Chett said matter-of-factly.

The old man seemed to panic and quickly said, “Oh, uh, that’s not necessary; we’ll just have [company name] pay for the damages.”

Chett raised an eyebrow at him and then looked at the woman, who also seemed suspicious of the older man’s sudden change of heart. “Well, [company name] is gonna want to review the footage anyway, so I might as well do that now,” Chett said firmly.

Let’s Check the Surveillance Footage

But the old man insisted, “No, no, let’s not waste any more of our time.”

Chett knew that the older man was trying to avoid getting caught. He decided to apply more pressure. “Oh, but surely the camera footage will prove your innocence, sir?” he said with a smirk.

The older man fell silent, and Chett knew that he realized he’d been caught out. He reviewed the footage and saw that the older man had hit the gas and rear-ended the woman’s vehicle.

It Proved He Was in the Wrong

When Chett returned to the counter, he informed the woman of what had happened. “Well, it turns out he hit the gas and rear-ended you. Even though it happened in the car wash, it wasn’t caused by the car wash, so this matter will have to be solved between you. If you would like the camera footage to provide to insurance, I’d be happy to give it to you,” he said politely.

The woman thanked Chett and looked over at the old man as if to say, “Pay up [].” Chett knew that he had done the right thing by reviewing the camera footage and catching the culprit. 

This story highlights the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions. The older man in the story tried to avoid accountability by blaming the car wash for the accident, but ultimately, he was caught in his lie. It’s always better, to be honest and own up to our mistakes rather than try to shift the blame onto others.

The Truth Came Out

Chett’s quick thinking and determination to uncover the truth prevented an unjust expense and served as a valuable lesson in honesty and accountability.

Redditors loved his story.

One user said, “People always think that they can get car washes to pay for their own screw-ups. I’ve reviewed the camera footage at numerous car washes on numerous occasions, as they all have cameras from multiple angles. I can count on one hand how many times the equipment malfunctioned or there was a failure outside of the driver’s control. They always hit the gas or brake or turn the wheel.”

What do you think of this story? Have you ever experienced anything similar?

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