He Went Above and Beyond for This Entitled Customer, He Even Offered Him Freebies. But There Was No Pleasing Him!

This tale from a restaurant server is hot off the press! A guy needed to vent after encountering a rude customer who declined his offer of a freebie and then demanded a discount! Read on to find out the details.

He Worked in a Restaurant

The Original Poster (OP) had been working as a server at a semi-fancy restaurant for the past two years. He had learned how to navigate the intricate world of customer service, anticipating the guests’ needs and providing them with the best dining experience possible. However, even with years of experience, OP couldn’t predict the peculiar behavior of some guests.

One evening, as OP was overseeing the bar area, a man and a woman entered the restaurant and sat down in the bar area without waiting for a table. Although this was against the restaurant’s policy, OP did not want to turn away business, so he decided to serve them himself. After introducing himself and getting their drinks, OP gave them a few minutes to review the menu.

A Difficult Customer

The couple ordered an appetizer, a soup, and a chicken entrée. OP brought out the appetizer, and the man asked if they had a bar menu. OP explained that they have a bar menu, but they only offer it to patrons sitting at the bar or asking for it.

The man then said that he heard they had wings on the menu, and OP offered to get him the wings. He told him that he would only charge him for the wings, soup, and appetizer, not the chicken entrée.

However, the guy declined, saying everything was okay and appreciated OP. OP brought out their food, got them more drinks, and they ate all of the food. OP asked if they’d like more drinks or dessert, and they declined, but the man said, “I’m gonna need a discount because you only gave me half of a menu,” in what sounded like a joking voice.

He Asked for a Discount

OP laughed along and says he’ll see what he can do. Thinking the man was joking, he knocked 10% off the bill, something he had never done before in his career as a server – and something he doesn’t think has happened in the restaurant’s 70+ years of existence!

After knocking off 10%, the man hands the check back to OP and says, “This isn’t going to do it.” OP was confused and asked why. The man says he needs more discount because OP didn’t give him the bar menu. OP explained that he didn’t ask for it and that they only offered it to those who sit at the bar or ask for it.

He Wasn’t Going to Pay

The man persisted, stating that he was not going to pay for his meal.

OP felt himself getting angry but kept his composure and offered to get the manager. The manager came over, but the man waved him away, requesting to speak with OP privately. The man began to argue with OP, and OP was annoyed that the man had asked for a discount after declining his offer of free food.

The man’s behavior was appalling, and OP couldn’t understand why he was acting that way.

As the man was arguing, OP noticed that the woman he was with was leaving the restaurant without him. OP asked the woman if the man always behaved this way, but she didn’t answer. OP continued, “I guess he’s just a jerk.”

His Girlfriend Left

“Why are you hanging out with a jerk like that? Anyway, have a good night.” OP then left to serve his other tables.

As he was serving his other customers, OP noticed the man was still arguing with the manager. Suddenly, the man walked out, cursing at OP under his breath and looking around for his girlfriend, who had already left.

OP was frustrated that the man had declined his offer of free food and then complained about not receiving a menu that he was not entitled to.

He’d Done Everything He Could

OP had done everything he could to provide good service, but the man’s unreasonable behavior had left him feeling angry and frustrated.

He knows that he did everything he could to provide good service, and he even offered to get the man what he wanted from the bar menu. But in the end, the man still felt the need to complain and demand more from OP.

OP was left wondering why some people feel entitled to special treatment, even when they haven’t asked for it. He realized that there will always be difficult customers to deal with, but he hopes to continue providing excellent service to those who appreciate it.

Redditors empathized with his position, many of them having been hospitality workers. One user said, “Hopefully, this was the final ‘red flag’ for the GF!”

What do you think about this customer’s reaction? Acceptable or entitled?

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