He Was Targeted by Bullies Because of His Name, so at 18, He Legally Changed It. But Now His Father Is Demanding He Changes It Back

This Reddit user legally changed his name after a lifetime of bullying, and as a result, his father threatened him. Here’s the full story.

He Was Named After a Beloved Character

His father named the Original Poster (OP) after a character from a story he had written about a brave warrior God.

According to his father, he gave OP this name so that he could be anyone he wanted to be.

OP said that since his name sounds like a god’s, he was teased for having it when he was in a private Christian academy elementary school.

He Was Teased at School

OP was so upset by this that he sobbed all the way to his father. But his father didn’t care and joked about the whole situation. OP was hurt by this, and he decided to start using his middle name at that point.

When OP was older, he moved to another country, and some time passed when he didn’t speak to his father. Then, one day, his father decided to call out of the blue. It became a weekly thing.

He Spoke Badly of His Mother

The only issue was that he only ever wanted to discuss how abusive OP’s Mother was to him in their marriage. OP loves his mother, so this really bothered him.

As a result, OP repeatedly told him he didn’t want to talk about it anymore, which upset his father resulting in him not talking to him for eight months.

He Shared His Trauma on Youtube

Some months later, OP wrote a song and uploaded it to YouTube about the trauma and issues his father has caused him.

OP’s father watched it and wrote a comment on it stating that their connection is mutual and that he opted to end communication with OP after OP said he “wouldn’t listen to him anymore.”

OP says that this was a lie, and he got very angry at his father for shifting the blame on him.

They Started Talking Again

After some time, things cooled down, and OP started talking with his father again. But this time, OP made sure to record their phone calls.

Throughout their calls, OP’s father repeatedly gaslit, gaslighted, and lied to him.

Soon after this phone call, about 10 years ago, OP legally changed his name and got rid of the name his father gave him. The name had caused him a lot of grief. But he didn’t mention it to his father. 

His Father Has Cancer

Many years passed, and then things took a turn when OP’s father revealed that he had cancer as they got back into speaking again.

OP was worried and concerned about his father’s health. So he started texting him to see how he was doing to see how he was.

Things turned ugly when OP graduated from college recently, and his father discovered that OP’s name was different from the graduation video he had sent him.

His Father Discovered He’d Changed His Name

He told OP that he “needed time to think about how he was going to deal with this situation.”

He is now threatening to end their relationship if OP doesn’t apologize for lying to him for ten years, hiding his name change, making defamatory YouTube videos, and acting as though OP was unaware of the significance of his name.

His father demanded OP change his legal name to his original one.

Change His Name Back!

But OP informed him that since he did nothing wrong, he would not be changing his name and stopped speaking with his father.

But OP felt bad about what happened and took to Reddit to ask for opinions.

Several Redditors sided with OP and said that he was not wrong for what he did.

One Reddit user wrote, “Your relationship was rocky from the start. I’m quite surprised you haven’t cut him out of your life already. You guys already live apart and don’t speak for long periods. What’s a much longer time compared to torment.”

Another Redditor commented, “You’ve done nothing wrong while your father has been expecting you to be responsible for his emotional well-being from an early age. Complaining about your mother and expecting you to constantly mend things is not appropriate for a parent-child relationship.”

So what do you think? What would you do if you were in this situation?

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