Sexist Father Paid for His Son’s Education but Not His Daughter’s Claiming Women Are Too Distracted by Sex to Study and Men are Better at Maths!

This tale is about Achilles, a brave young man, and his sister Polly, both on the cusp of realizing their college dreams. However, their journey takes an unexpected turn when their adoptive father, consumed by prejudice and cruelty, forces them into a heartbreaking dilemma. Little did they know that this bombshell would plunge them into a nightmare of abuse and sacrifice.

A Family United by Adoption

This unconventional family came together through adoption, with Achilles hailing from America while Polly’s roots extended to Asia.

Raised by devout Catholic parents, their lives took an unfortunate turn when their mother passed away five years prior. Left to fend for themselves, the trio became a tightly-knit unit, weathering life’s storms under one roof. However, their home was not a haven of love and support.

A Cruel Twist of Fate

In their small town, a mere five-hour drive away from the nearest college, the siblings clung to the hope of attending the nearby state school together. They had both received acceptance letters, their future seemingly bright.

Yet, fate had a cruel twist in store for them.

Four months ago, their father dropped a bombshell, informing them that his financial ability to send them both to college rested on the outcome of a lawsuit against a former business partner. They were optimistic until their optimism got mercilessly crushed two weeks ago.

Their father admitted defeat, delivering a blow that shattered their dreams – he could only afford to send one of them to college. He declared that Achilles should be the one to go, leaving Polly behind.

Achilles Takes a Stand for Polly

At this moment, Achilles decided to take a stand, recognizing his sister’s academic prowess, her superiority over him in scholastic achievements, and his inherent privileges as a man. He engaged in a heartfelt discussion with Polly, and despite her agreeing with his reasoning, she left the final decision in his hands.

Summoning every ounce of courage, Achilles confronted their father, determined to fight his sister’s corner. However, instead of receiving understanding or empathy, he was bombarded with a barrage of sexist excuses.

His father spewed forth a gross list of justifications, asserting that Achilles, as a man, held greater prospects for future marriage, that men were inherently superior in mathematics (though Polly proved otherwise), and that he doubted Polly’s ability to resist sexual temptation!

Achilles, determined to expose the flawed reasoning, assured his father that he, too, would party and sleep around. Yet, his father didn’t care, accusing him of already taking part in these activities (despite his innocence in such matters).

A Desperate Plea for Fairness

Firm in his stance, Achilles drew a line in the sand, presenting his father with an ultimatum.

Either he acknowledged the true reasons behind his biased decision and provided both siblings with the necessary funds for at least the first year of college, or Achilles would unenroll from the college they both eagerly anticipated attending. 

The Drastic Action

Disappointingly, his father refused to relent, pushing Achilles to take drastic action. Last week, he informed his father of his decision to withdraw from college, leaving Polly as the sole recipient of their father’s financial support.

Ever since that fateful conversation, Achilles became the target of his father’s wrath.

Verbal abuse was constant, with his father branding him a dropout loser, a pervert fixated on college girls, and a hopeless working-class soul destined to be alone.

The once proud father was now a seething source of constant anger. The abuse escalated beyond words, as his father began to physically assault him, shoving Achilles without provocation whenever he crossed his path.

Escaping an Abusive Environment

At this point, Achilles was ready to escape his abusive environment.

His best friend offered him refuge, opening her doors to him in September. The once affectionate bond between father and son had been irreparably damaged over the past two weeks, and Achilles couldn’t comprehend the possibility of rekindling that relationship. 

Uncertain Futures

The decision to leave in September loomed, leaving Achilles uncertain of what lay ahead.

The future was hazy, with questions of reconciliation and whether it was worth striving for his father’s approval hanging in the balance. One thing’s for sure: sacrifices were made, abuse was endured, and a young man’s determination to protect his sister prevailed.

In this shocking tale, Achilles confronted the horrifying reality of a father’s betrayal, where prejudice and power ruled over love. The scars left by his father’s behavior will undoubtedly shape his future, but his determination to build a life free from toxicity shines through. 

What would you have done in Achilles’ shoes? Have you ever stood up against an injustice in your own life?

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