His Father Wants to Rebuild Their Broken Father-Son Relationship, but He Thinks Its Only Because His Sister Left Home

He tried to earn his Father’s love and respect throughout his childhood, but by age 15 he had all but given up. But now many years later, when his father is alone, he’s ready to build a father-son bond. But he says it’s too late now.

His Sister Was Always the Favorite

The Original Poster (OP), a 25-year-old man, shares his experience of how his father has always favored his sister. The father admits to it, explaining that his daughter looks so much like their late mother, that he can’t help but spoil her. 

The sister catches on to this and uses it to her advantage. She gets anything she wants from their father by simply asking, while the man has to prove he deserves it. 

Their father also forgives the sister easily when she does something bad, while the man faces the full consequences.

He Tried Hard to Get His Father’s Attention

OP tried hard to earn his father’s love and attention but failed. He excelled at school, acted out, and even tried to get into his father’s hobbies, but nothing worked. 

He gave up on his father when he turns 15 after his father canceled his birthday trip because of his sister’s runny nose. 

OP’s father only cared about him when not doing so would make him look bad in the public eye.

He Gave up on His Father

When OP won an award in his senior year of high school, he didn’t bother asking his father to attend the ceremony. 

Instead, he asked his aunt and uncle to attend. His father confronted him and asked why he did not tell him about the ceremony. OP told him that he had never shown up to support him before, so why would he expect him to start now? 

Later, OP found out that his father called his uncle to complain about him taking his place, but his uncle told him the same thing.

He Moved On

OP moved on to college and made a life for himself, but his relationship with his father remained the same. 

His father’s worst fear comes true when his sister moved away to be near her boyfriend and his family. His father cried to anyone who would listen, saying he was alone and had no one. 

His Father Reached Out

He showed up at OP’s house and wants to talk, saying he wanted to fix their relationship and have a father-son bond. He explained that he missed their mom so much, and his sister is all he has left of her, so he acted that way. 

OP pointed out that he is also their mother’s child, but his father tells him that he doesn’t see him as his child. 

OP told him that he has no interest in him or has a relationship with him. He keeps his father at arm’s length and feels it’s too late to repair the damage he has done.

What Redditors Thought

One person said, “It sounds like your dad had a weird emotional incest thing going on in this obsession with your sister.”

Another wrote, “He was selfish then, and he’s selfish now…wants to rebuild the relationship…but only because your sister is gone.”

What do you think? Should he give his father a second chance, or is it too late? Should parents be allowed to make mistakes of this magnitude and be forgiven?

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