His Girlfriend Discovers All His Friends Are Female: Would YOU Be Happy With That?

This guy plans a night out so his friends can meet his new girlfriend. But what should he do when she can’t stand them?

A Brand New Relationship

Gary is in a brand new relationship with his girlfriend, and he’s really into her. It’s been a while since he felt this strongly about someone, so naturally, he’s excited about where things might go.

Now, as they’re getting to know each other better, his girlfriend expressed an interest in meeting his friends, as he had already met hers. Gary thought it was a great idea and planned a night out for everyone to have a good time.

Things Get Complicated

Now, here’s where things get a bit complicated.

You see, Gary’s friend circle consists mostly of women. It wasn’t always like this, though. He used to have more male friends, but some of them turned out to be real jerks. They cheated on their girlfriends, and one even got physical with one of them.

Gary couldn’t stand for that kind of behavior, and his so-called “friend group” just brushed it off, which didn’t sit well with him. So he made a conscious decision to tighten his circle and now has a handful of close guy friends.

Plenty of Female Friends

But the thing is, Gary has always had plenty of female friends. He made a bunch of them during high school and college. In fact, his two closest friends are women.

They were part of sororities, so he got to know even more amazing women through them. And so, his social circle expanded with more and more female friends.

Now, when Gary’s girlfriend discovered this, she was taken aback.

Not Happy About It

Gary doesn’t use social media much, but he does have a Snapchat account because he’s a bit cautious about sharing his actual phone number.

So, when his girlfriend asked to see his phone, he handed it over.

She took a look at his Snapchat and exclaimed, “Your whole Snapchat is women!” Gary, sensing something was off, asked if everything was okay.

Her response was a bit cryptic. She simply said, “I didn’t know these were your friends.”

Something’s Not Right

Gary could tell that something was bothering her, but he didn’t want to pry. He understood that she might not be fond of his female friends, even though he believed she hadn’t given them a fair chance. Gary genuinely wanted to understand her perspective without accusing her of anything.

This is where he needs some advice. How can he approach the subject with his girlfriend and encourage her to share her thoughts openly?

He doesn’t want to come across as confrontational, but he genuinely wants to make this relationship work. So, he reached out to the Reddit community for their opinions and suggestions on how to navigate this situation.

Time to Meet His Friends

Redditors chimed in with their perspectives and advice on Gary’s predicament. Many suggested that he should have his girlfriend meet his female friends before passing judgment.

Some even recommended that Gary talk to his friends beforehand, explaining his girlfriend’s nervousness and asking for their support in making her feel comfortable. They emphasized the importance of good friends acting as wingmen or wingwomen.

No Right or Wrong

Several Redditors, who had experienced similar situations, shared their own stories. They acknowledged that there’s no right or wrong approach and that it ultimately depends on the context.

One person mentioned how their girlfriend’s dislike of their friends actually helped them realize that those friends were toxic. On other occasions, they prioritized their friendships over relationships, depending on the situation.

The consensus was that there were two potential outcomes. Either, over time, his girlfriend would become accustomed to and develop trust in both Gary and his female friends, requiring patience and a gradual approach.

Alternatively, she might bury her feelings and let resentment build, which could lead to explosive conflicts, ammunition for future fights, or demands to cut off ties with his friends.

Be Open and Honest

A common suggestion was for Gary to have an open and honest conversation with his girlfriend. They recommended asking her directly whether she could see herself growing to trust him and his friends or if she foresaw resentment building over time.

They believed that how they handled this disagreement would be crucial for the future of their relationship. Beyond explaining the situation, any resistance or refusal to discuss it further would indicate immaturity or projection on her part.


Some Redditors raised concerns about Snapchat, noting that its disappearing messages feature is shady. They speculated that his girlfriend might have been suspicious due to the nature of Snapchat conversations, particularly if they involved requests from drunk girls.

They advised Gary to transition their communication to a more transparent platform, such as text messaging, to alleviate these concerns.

A Heart-to-Heart Is Needed

Open communication and understanding are essential in any relationship. When faced with conflicting feelings or concerns, it is important to address them honestly and respectfully with your partner.

In Gary’s situation, the Reddit community advised him to have a heart-to-heart conversation with his girlfriend, allowing them to express their thoughts and concerns openly.

By actively listening to each other and seeking to understand one another’s perspectives, hopefully they will be able to work together to find a resolution that respects both their feelings and the importance of their respective friendships.

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