She Lied About Her Dog Being a Service Dog – Then It Bit a Child! Who Will She Blame?

This story follows Tim, whose ordinary Saturday night at work took an unexpected turn when a customer and their “service animal” entered the restaurant. Little did Tim know that the presence of a seemingly harmless dog on the patio would lead to a visit from the police! 

A Smooth Start to the Evening

On this fateful Saturday night, Tim found himself in the midst of an unforeseen incident. As the evening commenced, things seemed to be going rather smoothly.

He was diligently carrying out his duties at work alongside his colleagues, who happened to be both his coworkers and friends.

The customers were friendly, and even Tim’s favorite regular patron graced him with a pleasant conversation. It appeared to be a promising night indeed.

The Peculiar Arrival of the Woman and Her Dog

Around 8 o’clock, a group of approximately seven or eight individuals settled themselves into the patio. There was a woman who arrived fashionably late among the party, accompanied by her furry friend.

However, what caught Tim’s attention was the fact that she had brought her dog inside the restaurant. This peculiar occurrence did occasionally happen, as the establishment had these colossal garage doors serving as a divide between the patio and the interior.

During the summer months, these doors were left open, which inevitably led to some folks venturing indoors with their canine companions. Of course, the policy strictly forbade dogs inside or on the patio, so Tim promptly informed his manager.

The Manager Steps In

Upon receiving the news, his manager, trying to maintain a composed demeanor, informed the woman, “I’m sorry, but we don’t allow dogs inside or on the patio.”

Nonchalantly, the woman retorted, “Oh, he’s a service dog.” Tim couldn’t help but roll his eyes inwardly, as it was abundantly clear that her furry pal did not fit the bill of a legitimate service dog.

Its hyperactive behavior and the barking he had heard earlier gave it away. However, his manager, sighing audibly, reluctantly replied, “Alright then.” There was no point in questioning the specific service the dog provided; it would have likely yielded no productive outcome.

So, Tim and his coworkers collectively shook their heads in disbelief as the woman headed towards the patio to rejoin her group.

Initially, everything seemed to be going smoothly, with the dog exhibiting reasonably good behavior. 

Disturbing Revelation

However, as time went on, Tim happened to stroll by the group outside and noticed an eight-year-old boy sobbing inconsolably. Curiosity piqued, he overheard the child confiding in another woman from the group, “The dog bit me!”

Being swamped with work, Tim promptly approached one of his coworkers, blurting out, “Hey, that kid in the group outside said the dog bit him….”

The coworker, aghast, replied, “Oh god, I hope that’s not true.” Despite their concerns, they refrained from immediate intervention.

The hectic pace of the evening kept them preoccupied, attending to various tasks such as taking orders at the register, delivering food, fetching ranch dressing, and clearing tables.

Unexpected Emergency

However, destiny had other plans. A few minutes later, Tim spotted his manager engaged in a discussion with the woman, the child, and the dog’s owner.

Curiosity burning within him, he learned that their relationship was not as close-knit as initially assumed since the woman resorted to dialing the police while his manager hastily summoned an ambulance! 

The child’s bite wasn’t severe, according to his manager, but they weren’t willing to take any chances. Luckily, there was no blood, providing a glimmer of hope that the young one would recover swiftly.

For the next hour or two, his manager dealt with the police and the two women, all while an ambulance parked right in front of the restaurant. Needless to say, it wasn’t the most desirable situation.

Blaming the Manager

Later on, Tim decided to ask his manager about the conversation with the police. It turned out that the woman with the dog had attempted to defend herself by blaming Tim’s manager, saying, “He told me it was okay!” 

Unfazed, his manager firmly responded, “You told me it was a service dog!” Fortunately, the policeman supported his manager’s side of the story, effectively silencing the woman’s baseless accusations.

Honesty and the Importance of Service Animals

Tim was too busy closing the store to see how things panned out.

However, the moral of this tale was crystal clear: don’t ever lie about your dog being a service dog. Not only is it dangerous, but it’s also incredibly disrespectful to those who genuinely rely on service animals.

Well, at least the kid didn’t suffer any serious injuries!

Amidst the chaos of that eventful Saturday night, Tim learned an important lesson: honesty is indeed the best policy, especially when it comes to furry companions and their roles in our lives.

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