His Manager Used Brute Force So He Used His Cunning Intellect to Get His Revenge

Get ready for a tale of revenge that is so sweet! A hotel worker retells the time he got revenge on an old manager who’d been an absolute tyrant to him at work.

He Knew How to Stand up for Himself

Our protagonist, the OP (original poster), was never one to let someone get away with mistreating him. He had learned that lesson early on when he was working two jobs at 16. The first job was a breeze – he was a pool attendant at a hotel with a waterslide.

All he had to do was make sure no one drowned and turn off the slide when it was slow, which left him time to do his homework. The second job, however, was a different story.

He was a host/busser at a chain restaurant owned by a co-owner of the hotel where he worked.

A Short-Tempered Manager

The GM at the restaurant was known for flying off the handle, and the other hosts/hostesses had a habit of asking OP to seat customers and let them buss tables.

Although the GM had made it clear that this type of arrangement was not allowed, OP still did it because he knew it made everyone’s job easier.

One night, the other hosts asked him to stay at the host stand while they bussed because the servers were getting angry about having to deal with “too many geriatric patients.” OP agreed and managed to calm everyone down.

He Forcibly Removed Him

However, things went south when the GM emerged from his office and saw OP at the host stand. He grabbed OP by the arm and forcefully dragged him to the kitchen! He accused OP of thinking he was “too good to buss tables.”

OP tried to explain that the other hosts had asked him to stay at the host stand because the servers were being rude, but the GM didn’t want to hear it. He yelled at OP, telling him that he was the boss and that it wasn’t up to the staff to decide what to do.

Throughout this ordeal, the GM had been holding OP’s arm incredibly tightly! That was when OP decided he’d had enough. He told the GM to let go of his arm and refused to go back to the host stand for the rest of the night.

It Had a Ripple Effect

Customers had to wait 10-15 minutes to be seated, but OP didn’t care; he was over his boss and his bad behavior. He should never have laid a hand on his workers, let alone a 16-year-old staff member.

Fortunately, OP had bigger plans for his career. He eventually landed an assistant general manager position at a new hotel opened by the same company. He eventually quit that job and worked his way up to the assistant general manager position at a new hotel that the company opened in town.

Years passed, and OP had all but forgotten about the incident with the GM. But then, one day, the GM showed up at the hotel, handing in his resume and asking if there were any job openings!

OP told him that there weren’t any available positions at the moment but that he would keep his resume on file.

Later, OP asked his boss, the hotel manager, why the restaurant manager was looking for a job. It turned out that they had fired him for mistreating the staff!

The Sweet Taste of Revenge

The hotel manager suggested that they could use another front desk worker, but OP was hesitant. He remembered the way the GM had treated him and didn’t want him working alone with the pool attendants, who were harder to replace than front desk clerks.

He explained that to his hotel manager and told him he’d be comfortable offering him a position as a pool attendant.

His manager laughed and let him make the call to offer the GM the position on the condition that he put it on speakerphone so the hotel manager could hear his response!

When the GM answered, OP told him that they had a position available, and the GM excitedly replied, “Oh, perfect! I’m excited for the opportunity!” But then OP interjected and told him that they really needed someone reliable to work as a pool attendant. In a very defeated voice, the GM responded, “I’ll have to get back to you on that.”

OP couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. He had finally gotten his revenge on the GM, who had treated him poorly all those years ago. It felt good to be in a position of power and to be able to make the GM squirm for once. Hopefully, he learned his lesson and won’t be grabbing anyone’s arm anytime soon!

Reddit users loved this guy’s tale of revenge. One user said, “They say, “The best revenge is living well,” but offering a job to your old boss as a pool attendant has got to be a close second! Sounds like the pool position really dampened his spirits.”

What do you think about his tale? Should he have offered the GM a front desk role?

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