His Mom Thinks He Is Prioritizing His Dog, She Might Just Be Right!

This Redditor’s mother thinks he chose his dog over her. Let’s find out what happens when the love and affection that should exist between a parent and a child is replaced by anger, resentment, and a whole lot of drama.

He Takes Care of the Dog

The story began with the Original Poster’s (OP) mother attempting to plant new grass in their backyard over the last two weeks.

Since OP’s mother won’t let the dog out in the backyard because she fears it will destroy the grass, OP has been taking their dog for walks three to five times a day for potty breaks.

OP’s father thinks that maybe after three weeks, the dog can be sent to play in the backyard. The grass has been growing fairly well for a couple of weeks since they seeded it.

In the meantime, OP takes care of the dog daily, taking her for walks and playing with her in between.

He Has a Busy Lifestyle

OP is a high school student, and recently he had an accident while playing a sport and gets terrible headaches. Because of this, OP asked his mother if the dog could go potty in their backyard for less than 20 seconds, and then he would call her back inside.

But OP’s mother got mad for even suggesting such a proposal.

But later, she claimed she could attach the dog’s leash to a lock on their front door, preventing the dog from trampling the grass.

He Wants to Let the Dog Roam Freely

OP refused because the previous time it occurred, the dog escaped because the leash wasn’t tied properly, and when she does that, the dog generally doesn’t even do potty.

OP just decided to take the dog for a walk after his mother started getting angrier and whining about how she didn’t have time to care for the dog.

Suffering from a headache at the time, OP reached a decision.

He’s Going to Send the Dog to Daycare

When he returned, OP informed his mom that he would send the dog to overnight daycare, which he offered to pay for. OP works throughout the summer and worries there won’t be anyone to take care of the dog when he is absent.

OP’s mother got upset for even suggesting it, saying that it would be a waste of money even though she won’t have the time in the summer.

In response, OP told her that he doesn’t think she’ll find the time because of all the times she has broken her commitments to take care of the dog,

She became very irate and started shouting things at OP like, “Don’t call me your mom ever again.”

She Was Furious

She said that OP was “choosing” the dog above her, and OP replied that “yes,” he was choosing the dog.

As a result, OP’s mother got furious and is currently giving him silent treatment.

Now OP feels bad and took to Reddit to ask whether he was wrong.

Redditors sided with OP and said that he was not wrong as he’s taking care of a life using his time and money and that his mom is being dramatic.

Another Reddit user wrote, “She’s choosing herself over a living, breathing family member. Your concerns are completely valid and absolutely use a good doggy daycare. NTA and enjoy the silence. By using the silent treatment, she is manipulating you and showing that she has the emotional maturity of a child.”

The mom’s reaction seems to be an overreaction, and caring for a pet is a huge responsibility, and it is important to make sure that the pet is well off.

So what do you think? Is OP in the wrong here? What would you have done?

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