He Denounced Their Religion and His Mother Won’t Stop Trying to Get Him to Come Back

This guy turned to the Reddit community to ask if he was wrong for being angry with his mother for constantly trying to guilt trip him into returning to her religion. Here’s the full story.

A Difficult Relationship

The Original Poster (OP) is a 20-year-old who has had a difficult relationship with his religious mother since he was a young child.

OP stayed at home with his mother while his father, like other parents, went to work.

OP’s mother would pick fights with OP over the silliest of things such as video games, movies, cartoons, and the things he did in school, but mostly it was religion.

The fact that OP is an atheist and no longer a Jehovah’s Witness, while his mother is, has been a constant source of conflict in their relationship. His mother would often cry during these fights, and he would feel guilty for upsetting her.

She Always Picked Fights

OP’ mom would pick a fight with OP every day and he said that years went by with no change and that his mother is also very immature.

When they argue, she always ends up crying.

OP shared an example of when he got a tattoo, and she became quite angry as it was against her principles. He said that she visibly cried, and for the next week she didn’t even speak to him. She didn’t even say a morning greeting and disregarded OP.

Although OP was hurt, he anticipated this and was ready for it.

She Didn’t Like His Choices

Later, during one of their arguments, she referred to the tattoo, saying that because of this tattoo, the name of their family has been tarnished and that his parents were bad-mouthed by a lot of people.

Another incident happened when OP brought up something she said a few months ago. OP said, “You constantly want to talk about how I’m such a bother, how I always let you down, and how I’m to blame for your family’s alleged bad reputation. But you never acknowledge that your reputation is all that matters and not mine. You just care about your reputation, not mine.”

As a reply, she then claimed that was hogwash and expressed concern for one’s reputation.

OP was waiting for a day to use her reply and when OP and his mother were planning to visit the gym together, he said it out loud.

OP says he owns a large collection of designer clothing, like designer shirts, shorts, hoodies, and other clothing, but he doesn’t wear it to the gym.

He Used Her Words Against Her

However his mother was wearing a Nike bag and jokingly OP added, “My mom brought a fake Nike bag to the gym, and if I were wearing any of my designer clothes, that would be weird.”

Then his mother added, “I care about my reputation.”

“You wouldn’t care about my reputation, would you?” replied OP.

And suddenly she burst into tears. She started crying over absolutely nothing.

As a result, OP’s dad intervened and instructed OP to stop talking and to say sorry to his mother.

A Poorly Timed Joke?

Now OP is thinking about whether he was wrong for making the joke and confronting her.

OP took to Reddit to ask for opinions, and many sided with OP.

One Redditor wrote, “Are you still in High school? If not move the hell out, you don’t need her grief. If so, just don’t interact with her. Go very LC. It’s hard to live with someone who lives in their universe where they must be cajoled and appeased.”

However, another Reddit user shared, “Your mom has sucked for years but you chose to pick a fight over a fake Nike bag. Why were you even planning to go to the gym with her if you seemingly can’t stand her? If you’re going to complain so much, just move out already.”

So what do you think? Is OP wrong for what he did?

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