His Pet Raccoon Almost Ruined His Sister’s Wedding but He’s the One That Feels Wronged!?

This crazy story comes from Reddit. A man asks if he was the jerk for taking a raccoon with him to his sister’s wedding! This tale is as silly as it sounds, so buckle up!

A Pet Raccoon

Our protagonist has a pet raccoon named Pebble, whom he loves and treats like a son. Pebble is very well-behaved and has all the necessary papers, vaccinations, and his own harness and leash.

Recently, his sister invited him to her wedding at a fancy hotel, and what transpired there has got him into some hot water with his family!

When the original poster (OP) asked his sister if he could bring Pebble to the wedding, his sister flat-out said no. She explained to him that she thought that bringing a wild animal to such an important event was inappropriate and disrespectful.

She also mentioned that some of the guests might be allergic to or scared of him.

His sister’s response hurt him, but he agreed to leave Pebble at home with a friend. However, on the day of the wedding, his friend called and said that he had an emergency and couldn’t take care of Pebble! OP panicked.

He Couldn’t Find a Raccoon-Sitter

He didn’t have anyone else who could watch Pebble, and he didn’t want to leave him alone in his apartment. He also didn’t want to miss his sister’s wedding. So, he decided to bring Pebble with him! He would soon end up regretting this decision.

He put Pebble in his harness and leash and even put a bow tie on him to make him look more formal. He also brought some treats and toys to keep him entertained.

He thought he could just sneak Pebble in and keep him in a corner where he wouldn’t bother anyone. However, as soon as he arrived at the hotel, people started noticing Pebble.

He Snuck the Raccoon into the Wedding

Some guests found Pebble cute and wanted to pet him, but others were horrified and disgusted. They started whispering and pointing at OP and Pebble, and some even complained to the staff.

His sister saw him and Pebble and freaked out. She came over and yelled at him for bringing the raccoon. She said he was selfish and irresponsible and that he should leave immediately.

OP tried to apologize and explain the situation, but his sister wouldn’t listen. She told him to get out, or she would call security. She also said that he was no longer her brother and that she never wanted to see him or Pebble again.

He was shocked and hurt by his sister’s reaction. He felt like she was overreacting and being unreasonable. Pebble didn’t do anything wrong. He was just sitting quietly in his harness, looking adorable. He didn’t bite anyone or make a mess or cause any trouble.

He Was Thrown Out of the Wedding – Raccoon in Tow

OP decided to leave with Pebble, but not before telling his sister that she was being a bridezilla and that she owed him an apology! He also told her that Pebble was more family to him than she ever was! What a thing to tell your sister on their wedding day.

Now, his whole family is mad at him. They say he was rude and disrespectful to his sister and that he should have left Pebble at home or found another solution. They say he should apologize to his sister and beg for her forgiveness.

But OP doesn’t think he did anything wrong. He thinks his sister is being unfair and cruel to him and Pebble, and he says she should apologize to him for treating him like dirt.

The truth is, OP was the jerk in this situation. He was asked not to bring Pebble to the wedding, but he did anyway. He was selfish and irresponsible for putting his sister’s big day at risk by bringing a wild animal.

It doesn’t matter that Pebble is friendly and well-trained; he is still a raccoon, a wild animal, and OP shouldn’t treat him like a domesticated pet! Who’s to say Pebble won’t injure someone?

His sister had every right to be upset with him. She had every right to ask him to leave the wedding if he was going to bring an animal that could potentially cause harm or disruption, especially after she explicitly told him no.

He Should Have Respected His Sister’s Wishes

OP needs to apologize to his sister and his family for his reckless behavior and accept responsibility for his actions.

Reddit users thought this guy’s behavior was out of order. One user said, “You’re a jerk. You asked, and your sister said no. A raccoon is a huge distraction for anyone regardless of the environment, but especially at a wedding.

Imagine feeling a RACCOON is getting more attention than you at your own wedding. You owe your sister a huge apology.”

What do you think about this story? Funny or far-fetched?

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