His SIL Was Child-Proofing the House and Dismantled His Religious Altar, She Didn’t Realize What She’d Done but He Kicked Her Out Anyway

He was furious when his sister-in-law dismantled his religious altar. She claims to have only been child-proofing the house ahead of her children’s visit. 

Pagan Faith Rituals

The Original Poster (OP) follows the Pagan faith. He has an altar in his house as part of his religious practice. The altar is a small table and bookshelf, which are kept in a special place in their living room.

A few months ago, OP moved into his fiancée’s childhood home, which he decided to preserve by buying out his siblings’ shares after their grandparents passed away. 

His fiancée, his brother, and OP now live there, but a recent visit from the sister-in-law has caused a disruption. 

His Sister-In-Law Visits

She wanted to introduce her newborn child to the family in a tidy environment, so she requested to visit, and OP offered to host a dinner.

Upon arrival, the sister-in-law began rearranging their home. She is fiercely protective of her children due to past traumatic experiences. 

The situation escalated when she laid her hands on OP’s sacred altar.

She Dismantled His Altar

Without understanding the importance of the altar, she started dismantling it. She deemed the goddess statue dangerous due to its delicate, sharp elements. She discarded the food and wine offerings to prevent her child from consuming them. She removed glass spell jars and even relocated candles and crystals. 

His sister-in-law is a Christian and has no knowledge of their Pagan beliefs. Except for the food and wine, her actions merely involved moving objects.

By the time OP had noticed, his cherished altar was destroyed.

Fueled by anger, OP demanded that the sister-in-law leave their home. 

He Demanded She Leave

This action was taken without consulting his fiancée, who eventually entered the room to find his sister very upset. 

She chose to support her partner, instructing his sister to depart. OP then tearfully reconstructed his altar while his fiancée attended to the disrupted dinner.

Now that the initial fury has subsided, OP feels remorseful. He asked Reddit whether he could have handled the situation differently.

Redditors took little time to respond.

One user slammed the sister-in-law for not respecting their home, “It doesn’t matter if it was her childhood home, it’s not her home now. She should’ve respected your space, especially since she was a guest.”

On the other hand, this user, who also practices Paganism, blasts OP for not thinking of the children, “To me, you completely overreacted. She had NO IDEA what everything meant, and she was simply trying to make the place safer for her child, one who will become your niece or nephew when you get married.”

Did the OP overreact? Or should the sister-in-law have respected his religious artifacts?

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