His Sister Destroyed Her Life When She Fell in Love With a Client

This guy took to Reddit to ask if he was wrong for telling his sister that she had destroyed her life and had no one to blame but herself. Here’s the full story.

She Had a Great Life

The Original Poster’s (OP) sister attended an Ivy League university and a law school.

She was hired as a litigation lawyer at one of the largest law firms in America just after graduating from law school. Plus, she had a beginning salary of well over $200,000.

She was married to a surgeon who loved and adored her shortly after graduating from law school.

It was the perfect life story.

But She Threw It All Away

But things took a turn when she threw all that away. She had a relationship with one of her clients.

OP says the client’s court case stemmed from the same activities as his criminal prosecutions. He is a thug with a history of crime. Even though his parents were well off, the person was a criminal.

OP’s sister visited him in the capacity of his attorney but kept their love relationship a secret. However, the staff managed to catch them.

As a result, she was fired from the law company.

She Was Busted and Forced to Resign

She attempted to fight it but was ultimately forced to resign because it was against the law to date a client. She was accused of helping him cover up his crimes and destroying evidence in the case, and she was also charged with bringing items into the jail, including a cell phone.

Her husband left when she was arrested and when he discovered that the baby she was carrying was not his.

OP’s parents were the only ones who filled him in on the specifics because OP was away at college at the time.

OP assumed they must have exaggerated, yet everything was accurate.

Things became ugly when OP was at home before starting graduate school in the fall.

He Is Living With Her While She Is on Probation

OP, his sister, and his dad share a home as the sister is on probation. She is pursuing a reunification plan to regain custody of OP’s nephew.

Since the nephew was a baby, he has resided with his criminal father’s sister. OP occasionally goes to see them.

Currently, OP’s sister is working in the stock area at Target.

OP’s sister always whines about how unfair things are and how she was treated unfairly at home. She talks about it nonstop and portrays herself as the victim.

She Complains About How It’s All Unfair

Then OP eventually lost it and informed her she was to blame and no one else was to blame. OP added that she should not have that mindset if she wants to start over and regain custody of her son.

As a result, she became furious with OP.

OP said that his sister knew everything she was doing was wrong. There was a major disagreement, and she became angry and wanted OP to take back what he said.

Even OP’s father advised him to be friendlier to her because of how desperate she is.

He Told He Exactly What He Thought

Now OP felt bad about what happened, but he is also sick and tired of her fussing and whining because she made this mess.

OP asked Reddit whether he was wrong, and several Redditors said that OP was not wrong and that his sister was a fool for wasting her life.

One Reddit user wrote, “She was fortunate to have so many talents and opportunities in life. She made a great life for herself and then set them all on fire, with not one, but a series of horrible decisions. She hasn’t earned the right to then claim she’s the victim. She would be best served to pull herself back up rather than enjoying being at rock bottom.”

Another Redditor pointed out that OP’s sister made many decisions, not just one “mistake,” and still is trying to play the victim card.

So what do you think? Was OP wrong here?

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