Trying to Secure a Babysitter, His Stepdaughters Hid His Daughter’s Passport So That She Could Join the Family Vacation

John has turned to Reddit after his sneaky stepdaughters hid his daughter’s passport to force her to stay home from a family vacation. Now He’s Cancelling the trip!

A Happy Family

John has been happily married to his wife, Beth, for five years. They have a daughter together, Jessica, who is 18 years old. 

On top of that, John also has two stepdaughters, Monica and Leah, who are 25 and 28 years old. They all live together, and everything seemed fine—until the recent drama started.

Monica and Leah frequently asked Jessica to babysit their kids. At first, Jessica didn’t mind since it was a way for her to earn some extra cash. 

His Youngest Was the Babysitter for the Older Sisters

Trouble brewed when Monica and Leah started paying her less than what she deserved. Jessica decided to put her foot down and refused to babysit for them anymore. 

To solve the issue, John and Beth agreed that Beth would take care of paying for the babysitting from now on.

Fast forward to the much-anticipated family vacation. John planned a fun-filled trip for everyone to enjoy. 

An Upcoming Family Vacation

But then, the unexpected happened. Monica and Leah had a different idea—they wanted Jessica to stay home and babysit the kids instead of going on vacation. 

They argued that the kids were used to Jessica’s care and that hiring another babysitter would create problems. They even claimed that Jessica wasn’t enthusiastic about the destination. However, it was clear that Jessica wanted to go on the trip.

The back-and-forth discussions about Jessica staying home went on and on. Beth even offered to pay Jessica double, but John had had enough. 

He demanded that they stop pushing the idea. 

She Couldn’t Find Her Passport

The day of the trip arrived, and everyone was ready to go. But Jessica couldn’t find her passport! Panic ensued as they searched high and low, wasting precious time.

Here’s where things take a shocking turn. Monica finally confessed that she and Leah had hidden Jessica’s passport to manipulate her into staying home. Can you believe it? 

John was beyond furious and demanded they reveal the passport’s whereabouts. They played the blame game, with Monica saying Leah had it and Leah denying it. 

They Had Hidden It to Force Her Hand

In a desperate move, John threatened to cancel the vacation altogether. That’s when the stepdaughters finally surrendered the passport. 

But guess what? John decided to follow through with his threat and canceled the trip!

As expected, chaos erupted within the family. John berated Monica and Leah for their deceitful actions, leaving them feeling upset and isolated upstairs. 

He Canceled the Trip

Beth refused to speak to John and accused him of punishing his stepdaughters, who were only concerned about their kids’ well-being and wanted them to stay with someone familiar. The tensions ran high, and John found himself being labeled as the one who overreacted and ruined the entire vacation.

Some of you might be wondering why John didn’t kick Monica and Leah out of the house. Well, the truth is, it’s not that simple. John’s wife, Beth, co-owns the house, making eviction impossible.

Redditors were quick to jump in and thrust their views, with the majority supporting John’s idea to cancel the trip.

One reader slammed John’s family in this comment, “To be honest, I would have kicked your wife and lazy no-good stepchildren out right then and there and ended the marriage. If they were 12, I might understand this level of entitlement and immaturity. But in their late 20s?”

It’s Time to Rethink Your Situation…

With another agreeing, blasting the wife and stepdaughters, “You don’t just have a stepdaughters problem, you have a wife problem. I would rethink your current family situation and how your daughter is being treated.”

Was John justified in canceling the vacation, or did he go too far? Are Monica and Leah the real villains here, or were they just concerned mothers trying to ensure their kids’ comfort? Let us know your thoughts.

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