His Traditional Dad Thinks Their Family Will Think He Is Gay if He Wears an Earring, He’s Going to Wear It Anyway!

This guy recently took to Reddit to ask if he was wrong for not removing his earring in the presence of his father. Here’s the full story.

He Has an Ear Piercing

The Original Poster (OP) is an 18-year-old who has had his college graduation recently.

OP shares he got his ear piercing at age 16, which he did by himself with an Amazon kit, and which worked great.

OP’s single father, who is extremely religious, believes that OP is committing a major sin and is going to hell because of it, and even kicked OP out of the house for having it.

His Dad Thinks It’s Sinful

He only let OP back in after his school social worker called the police.

OP decided to wear his earning only when his father couldn’t see and not wear them at home. OP has been doing that for the past two years.

Fast forward to OP’s college graduation. His father insisted that OP not wear the earring so that he could be present.

OP said that his father didn’t attend any of his high school or middle school graduations as a result of work.

Don’t Wear the Earing to Graduation!

OP’s father would pick him up and drop him off at middle school, but OP had to drive himself to high school since his father didn’t want to miss work.

OP says though his father was not able to come to his high school and middle school graduations, he decided to come to his college graduation.

OP informed him that he would wear the earring since, as an adult, he wanted to display himself in the way he saw fit.

As an Adult, He Would Decide for Himself

However, things didn’t go as expected. OP’s father got mad and said that if OP wears it, he would be messing up everything, and he won’t show up.

OP informed his father that he’ll be wearing it at the ceremony but will remove it at home, and then they can snap pictures and show it to their family.

Trying to Compromise…

However, OP’s father believes he will be shunned by his family in the Middle East because of how he brought up a gay kid who would burn in hell because only women wear earrings. OP mentioned he is not gay and doesn’t understand how his father comes to these conclusions.

Plus, OP says his father works in a liquor store which is also a sin according to his religion, but his father would say that because it’s good money, there’s no problem.

His father went on to claim that OP is shameful and selfish for not letting him witness OP get on the stage, especially because OP is graduating with such high honors and is the youngest in the class.

As a result, OP replied that they can get pictures after he gets home again, but his father didn’t agree.

His Father Is Being Judgemental

OP took to Reddit to ask if he was wrong for what he did. OP says he believes that his father shouldn’t be choosy and should accept OP’s request since he missed OP’s past two graduations.

Redditors supported OP saying that he is not wrong and that his father is being completely irrational.

One Reddit user wrote, “It sounds like your dad has a personal, not religious, issue with your earring judging by the fact that “good money” is an okay reason to have a religiously disgraceful job. He might want to consider getting over it before you decide your relationship with him isn’t worth the heartburn from his hypocrisy.”

Another Redditor commented, “Wear your earring with pride. You didn’t make your dad miss anything. He chose to decide himself when his attempts to manipulate and bully you didn’t work.”

So what do you think? Is OP in the wrong here?

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