His Wife Can’t Watch Him Eat Because of Her Morning Sickness. Should He Change His Ways?

In a recent Reddit post, a guy explained that his eating habits were worsening his wife’s morning sickness. He doesn’t see the problem. Here’s the full story.

He Loves Salad, With His Hands

The Original Poster (OP) is a 28-year-old who grew up in a family that greatly emphasized healthy eating. And he had always started dinner with a salad.

He continued this practice as an adult, but his girlfriend didn’t share his love for salad.

OP had been eating his salad with his hands and without dressing, as he had done for years. However, his girlfriend found it unappetizing and requested he stop eating like that in front of her.

This led to an argument and the question of whether or not he was wrong for eating his salad in front of his girlfriend.

It Physically Makes Her Sick to Watch

What made the situation interesting was that his girlfriend was pregnant and was experiencing morning sickness, which made her even more averse to vegetables.

OP shared that she struggled to find food that she could consistently eat due to her terrible morning sickness in the first trimester.

He prepares whatever she requests for dinner, and he has a side salad for himself so he can still have his greens.

So, when she complained that she finds his side salads “unappetizing” and asked him to stop eating them in front of her because it made her feel queasy, he explained to her that she currently feels queasy from everything and that it was unfair to have to alter his lifetime diet due to her pregnancy symptoms.

He Thinks It’s Unfair

She explained that the problem is not the salad itself but how he eats it, describing it as “shoving it down his throat like a caveman,” which made her gag and lose her appetite.

OP didn’t understand why his girlfriend was making such a big deal out of it.

He argued that he had been eating salads like this for years, and no one had ever commented on it before.

She was disrespectful and unnecessary, OP told her, and he promised to continue the conversation with her when she was prepared to do it in a more acceptable way.

As a result, she quickly stood up, entered the nursery, and closed the door behind her.

Should He Be More Understanding?

Later, when OP passed by, he could hear her sobbing, but he refrained from entering to comfort her since he believes she should take responsibility for her crude remarks about his eating habits.

She ultimately chose to sleep on the glider in the nursery while OP slept by himself in their bed.

The next morning, they sat down for breakfast in silence, and OP made an effort to break the ice by asking if the way he was eating his toast was acceptable or if it was making her queasy as well.

He Made an Untimely Joke

She started crying right at once, calling him a jerk and saying that he didn’t care about how difficult the pregnancy had been for her.

OP says that he was merely attempting to crack a joke. He shared that he understands that pregnancy can be difficult, but other women manage it just fine on a regular basis, so he doesn’t understand why she’s making such a huge deal out of it.

OP wanted to resolve the situation, but he wasn’t sure if he was in the wrong for eating his salad in front of his girlfriend.

Redditors shared their thoughts and sided with OP’s girlfriend.

He Couldn’t Find Much Support

One Reddit user wrote that the girlfriend is not asking OP to change what he eats, but she’s asking him to change where or how he eats. The comment goes on to say, “She can’t control her nausea, but you can control how/where you eat your vegetables.

By your clueless and unsympathetic reaction to her request, I’m guessing that you’re constantly dismissing her pregnancy symptoms. Especially since you think pregnancy isn’t a big deal (“I know pregnancy is hard, but women go through it just fine all the time”).

Looking forward to your next post about being confused as to “why your girlfriend won’t let you in the delivery room.”

Many other Redditors pointed out that OP can just eat his salad someplace else and share dinner with his girlfriend.

Hopefully, OP can make some changes, as the problem seems to be a misunderstanding.

What are your thoughts? Was he wrong to eat his salad the way he did?

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