She Got the Ultimate Revenge on Her Cheating Husband and Now He’s the One Wondering What She’s up To!

This serial cheater was caught in the act and his wife’s idea of revenge is priceless. This is a great story of turning the table.

He Was Caught Cheating

One day, the Original Poster (OP) found himself in a world of trouble when his wife discovered he had been having an affair with a woman he met online who lived two hours away. 

Over a period of three months, OP met the woman several times. They always checked into a hotel during her visits. 

Unfortunately for OP, his wife caught them in the act when they left the hotel room, and she immediately left him the next day.

They Separated for 8 Months

The couple, who had three children, separated for eight months, which was a terrible time for all of them. 

Despite the difficulties, they eventually started talking about getting back together, but the wife was concerned OP would cheat on her again. 

She suggested an open marriage, which he initially refused but eventually relented. They agreed not to tell each other about any liaisons they had outside their marriage.

He Is Struggling With Their Open Marriage

Fast forward more than two years and things seem back to normal on the surface, but OP is struggling internally. 

He is consumed with guilt and doubts about his wife’s fidelity. Every time he sees her happy, he wonders if she is thinking about someone else. 

Even though she is a beautiful woman, and he’s sure she could find other men interested in her, he cannot shake off the feeling that she has been with someone else.

He’s Insecure and Haunted by His Guilt

OP is haunted by his past mistake and wants to close the marriage, but his wife shuts down these attempts quickly by threatening him with a divorce. 

OP hasn’t slept with anyone else since the affair because he cannot forget his wife’s look of disappointment and betrayal when she caught him.

He is lost and confused, not knowing how much more he can take. He still loves his wife and wants to spend the rest of his life with her, but he doesn’t know if she will ever stop punishing him for his infidelity. 

He wonders if anyone else has forgiven and stopped punishing a cheating spouse. He is desperate to understand what is going on in his wife’s head and whether there is hope for their relationship.

What Do You Think?

Few-Contribution4759 said, “The funniest part is that I wonder if she’s even seeing someone. Or just keeping him guessing.”

Shelly_895 wrote, “God, I love these types of posts. You reap what you sow.”

Another user exclaimed, “Man, the wife’s revenge game is on point. I applaud her.”

What do you think? Should the wife not have taken him back if she was going to act like this, or does he just not want a taste of his own medicine?

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