When His Wife Asks “What’s in the Box?” He Tells Her Straight! So, Why on Earth Doesn’t She Believe Him?

This proud Redditors retells a story about his bizarre hobby and his petty compliance to drive his wife crazy. 

A Comical Story

Get ready to embark on a peculiar journey with Rip, an artist with an unconventional fascination for skulls. What began as a simple request to borrow a cast skull from a biologist acquaintance spirals into a comical story.

Let’s dive in.

During his spare time, Rip indulges in his passion for drawing. One particular subject that captivates him is skulls. Normally, he resorts to scouring the internet for skull images. However, having an acquaintance who is a biologist, an idea struck him.

Rip decided to give them a call and inquire about borrowing a cast skull, not a real one, for his artistic pursuits. Little did he know that this simple request would lead to a series of unexpected events.

Skull Shopping

When Rip approached the biologist with his proposition, they swiftly declined, stating that they never lend out skulls due to the risk of forgetting who borrowed them and the subsequent disappearance.

On various online platforms, these skulls commanded prices ranging from $300 to a whopping $2,000. The biologist did, however, possess a collection of intact skulls for study purposes. Cast from real skulls, they exuded an authentic charm with all the imperfections and damages. Made of sturdy plastic, they consisted of two separate pieces, complete with detached mandibles.

Apart from human skulls, the biologist had amassed a variety of skulls belonging to other mammals, including apes and monkeys with formidable fangs. Surprisingly, they suggested a solution: lending out the entire collection of skulls, so that none would be forgotten.

Intrigued by this unexpected turn, Rip eagerly agreed and left with a sizable box filled with skulls, his grin stretching from ear to ear.

Trying to Get to “the Truth”

Upon arriving home, Rip’s wife caught sight of the mysterious box and naturally inquired about its contents. Unfazed, Rip cheekily responded, “skulls.”

In disbelief, his wife pressed further, insisting on the truth. Little did she expect that her simple question would result in such a bizarre response. She anticipated a mundane answer, such as a collection of hand-me-down Legos or some other item. Yet, Rip stood his ground, repeating, “skulls.”

Her frustration mounting, she exclaimed, “Fine! Don’t tell me!”

Stubborn Through and Through

At this point, Rip had already relished his mischievous act. He had succeeded in surprising his wife, and while he could have clarified the origins and intentions behind the box of skulls, he decided to follow her demand for silence.

With a tinge of stubborn compliance, fueled by a hint of malice stemming from his own childhood experiences, Rip refrained from divulging any further information. His wife’s overreaction had caught him off guard, triggering his defensive instincts.

Growing up with older brothers who relished teasing her, his wife had developed a short fuse when it came to practical jokes. Worm-infested orange juice had become a staple in her childhood, fueling her intolerance for foolery.

On the contrary, Rip, being the oldest sibling in his family, had encountered a stern and excessively strict stepmother. Consequently, he had learned to follow instructions meticulously to avoid the severe consequences that lay in wait if he strayed from the prescribed path.

So, as his wife demanded an explanation, Rip adopted an stubborn stance, following her command for silence.

The Silent Treatment

Undeterred by Rip’s refusal, his wife persisted in seeking answers. Rip, resolute in his commitment to silence, reiterated that he had already answered her question and, furthermore, had been instructed not to reveal any more details.

The tension between them escalated, and ethey were both simmering with frustration.

Seeking closure, his wife embarked on her own investigation. Slipping away unnoticed, she ventured into another part of the house, inching closer to the mysterious box. With a swift pounce, she unveiled its contents. 

A Boxful of Skulls

Rip, pretending to be oblivious to her actions, watched as her eyes widened in shock and disbelief. Without any context or explanation, she was confronted with an array of miniature skulls, their scales meticulously crafted to replicate their real counterparts.

She mumbled to herself in astonishment, “He said skulls. These are skulls. A boxful of skulls.” The disarray within the box only added to the bewilderment – a chaotic jumble of craniums!


This outcome was far from Rip’s initial intentions when he had brought the box of skulls home. He had anticipated his wife sharing in his enthusiasm and marveling at the unique drawing experience he had stumbled upon. Instead, his plan had gone awry.

Nevertheless, Rip eventually clarified the details, assuring his wife that his earlier response had not been sarcastic. Gradually, they managed to reconcile their differences, reliving the entire episode once the kids returned home from school!

A Playful Prank

In the end, Rip’s playful act of malicious compliance had caused a momentary disruption in their household. The box of skulls had served as a catalyst, unraveling a mixture of surprise, shock, and eventually, amusement. Such is the nature of mischievous deeds, which can unexpectedly unearth the complexities of human relationships and leave an indelible mark on shared memories.

Playful banter and pranks can be enjoyable, but it is crucial to consider the context and the potential impact on others. By being mindful of our actions and their potential consequences, we can foster trust, understanding, and healthier dynamics in our relationships.

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