He Lives in a Car With His Family, So He Turned To TikTok for Support With His ‘Help Us Get the Van’ Video So They Could Upgrade to a Camper

A TikTok dad living in his car with his family became famous for sharing a heartfelt call for help to upgrade his family’s current living conditions. 

A Call for Help

His name is LuC’ius Allure, and he posted a tearful video asking for help to raise money to buy a bigger vehicle for his family to live in. 

In a previous video from March, he talked about how he and his two kids, aged four and eight, had been living on the road for over a year.

In his latest video, Allure was sitting in a car surrounded by their entire life’s belongings. 

He Had Found a Van

Allure explained he had found a van that cost $6,000 and thought it would be perfect for their needs. The van had a pop-up tent on the roof, a kitchen, and a bunk bed for each of his children.

Allure then requested donations and asked them to like and share the video to help spread the word. He was worried that the van he found might not be available for long. 

The video quickly gained popularity, with over 1.4 million views in just one day. 

The “Help us get the van” fundraiser received an overwhelming response. In the first 24 hours alone, it received over 800 donations, surpassing its initial target of funds. 

He Raised More Than He Needed

The total amount raised went over $12,000. Allure was deeply moved by the generosity and support he received. 

In a follow-up video posted the same day, he couldn’t hold back tears of happiness as he thanked everyone who donated. 

He described the comments he received as beautiful and sweet, expressing his gratitude to the kind-hearted people who helped him and his family.

Y’all Blew Us Away!

When a comment announced that the fundraiser had exceeded its target, Allure was astonished and wrote, “Y’all have quite literally blown us away today!! Beyond grateful.” 

Allure has gained a huge following on TikTok, with over 72,000 followers.

He regularly shares videos about the challenges of being a single parent and his family’s troubled life on the road. 

TikTok users were quick to show their support, with some admitting the video relates to them, “I’ll donate when my paycheck is deposited. I was raised by a single Dad, and we had limited means too. You’re doing a great job.”

Others felt so moved by the video that they donated money even though they were struggling financially, “I’m broke, but I can donate $5.”

Allure showed his appreciation by replying to every comment with moving messages such as, “I’m seriously crying rn because of the overwhelming love we’re receiving because of you & so many others like you!”

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