If His Trans Girlfriend Isn’t Invited to His Transphobic Sister’s Wedding, He Won’t Be Coming Either!

This 17-year-old boy introduced his transgender girlfriend to his family and faced opposition from his sister, of all people. Here’s the full story.

He Embraced Her for Who She Truly Was

The Original Poster (OP) is a 17-year-old who shares that he recently met the most stunning person he has ever seen. They quickly became friends as they like the same things. And he says somehow he was lucky enough that they began dating six months later.

After dating for about a week, she revealed that she was Trans.

But OP was okay with dating her as it didn’t matter to him. Their relationship blossomed as he embraced her for who she truly was.

She Came Out to His Family

She has had several encounters with OP’s family, and about a month ago, she came out to them as Trans as well. Most of OP’s family members reacted with accepting hearts, except for his sister.

His sister’s initial response to OP’s girlfriend’s identity was marked by avoidance and dismissiveness. His sister reacted with transphobic remarks, displaying a lack of understanding and empathy.

Later, she questioned how OP anticipated having children if OP was seeing a false lady.

His Transphobic Sister Wasn’t Ok

OP shouted at her to stop talking with him again since he doesn’t want children.

Then she stopped talking to him, and the situation calmed down.

However, things became interesting when recently, the invitations to OP’s sister’s wedding were mailed out.

The invitation mentioned that everyone may bring a plus one. So OP decided to bring his girlfriend and submitted the RSVP.

Could His Plus One Be His Girlfriend?

Things took a turn when the sister came over and informed OP that his girlfriend should not come while she was hanging out with her friends and family.

OP questioned why he couldn’t bring his girlfriend, and his sister explicitly stated that she did not want a “delusional boy” at her wedding.

She said she was merely telling the truth when OP asked her to retract her statement. OP referred to her as a transphobe and said that she should accept him coming with his girlfriend or not at all.

She declared that she would “not let that creep into my wedding.” So OP told her not to count on him either.

He Won’t Come Either!

However, she chuckled as if she believed OP wouldn’t follow through.

As a response, OP revoked his RSVP and discarded the wedding gift he had prepared.

His sister was enraged and started involving everyone else. But his uncle, other siblings, and even the sister’s fiancé were all on OP’s side.

As it is OP’s sister’s big day, his aunt and cousins, who are on her side, urged OP to go. OP mentions that his aunt is as equally transphobic as his sister.

His Girlfriend Said He Should Go, but He’s Standing His Ground

OP’s girlfriend advised him not to ruin his relationship with his sister because of her. OP informed her that if his sister continued to act in this way, it would eventually come to an end and that it might as well be now.

OP took to Reddit to ask if he was wrong for what he did, and hundreds of comments poured in supporting OP.

One Reddit user wrote, “Even if your gf wasn’t in the picture, it’s your sister’s wedding. She has every right to say who is invited and who isn’t. However, I think your sister forgot that you have every right not to attend.”

Another Redditor pointed out that although one day maybe OP will feel a twinge of regret for not going as relationships evolve, OP will never regret standing by his values and principles.

A third Reddit user commented, “Your girlfriend would be insanely proud of you for sticking by her like you did. As for your family that doesn’t support you, you’re much better off without them. They can’t even do the bare minimum of respecting someone’s gender identity.”

So what is your opinion? Was OP wrong for what he did?

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