Should You Let Your Child Dictate Who You Can Date? This TikToker Thinks So!

Breakups can be tough, especially when there is a child is involved. The question is, should the child have a say in the future of the parent’s relationships? It’s true they need to be comfortable and happy, but should it be their decision who their parents date?

Baby Mama Drama

Two women speak about baby mama drama in a recent TikTok video (@canivibewithyallpodcast). They share their honest opinion about how relationships should move forward after a breakup when a child is involved. 

The first woman suggests that if a man gets into a new relationship after a breakup and the baby’s mother is fine with the new woman, then things will be fine.

If the mother can accept this new woman and things can be calm and settled, there should not be any need for drama or for the man to cut out the new woman. 

The Ideal Situation

Everything can be “cool” if the baby’s mother is happy and understanding of the man getting into a relationship after a breakup. 

If a child is involved and the new woman is okay with not having a close connection with the child, things will be fine.

Things can be “cool” if the new woman allows the man and the baby’s mother to care for the child the way they had agreed to. 

If the Baby’s Mama Is Jealous

However, if the baby’s mother is envious and jealous of the new woman, then there will be a big problem. Not only can the mother get upset, but the child might get involved too. 

Although it is normal for life to move on and for people to get into new relationships after a breakup, it isn’t always easy for everyone to move on. Things are bound to be more complicated and sensitive when a child is involved. 

A Mother Worries

A baby’s mother might worry that the child is not going to get enough attention and time with their father when a new woman gets involved. Or, maybe the mother wishes for them to be back together so the child can have both parents involved in the daily routine. 

The podcasters suggest that as soon as the mother is jealous or emotional about the new woman, the issue becomes about the child. The child might no longer receive the care that the father agreed to offer. Or, the father might worry about what the new woman might think. 

The Mother’s Behavior Might Be Contagious

On the other hand, the podcasters suggest that the issue for the child might be due to the mother’s behavior when she gets jealous. Instead of staying calm and acting like she did when the baby’s father was single, her jealousy might cause her to pick fights for no reason. 

The mother might get mad if the father is late or does not spend more time with the child than she expects, simply because she doesn’t want the father to spend time with his new woman. 

Either way, as soon as the mother gets jealous about the ex-boyfriend’s new relationship, it is bound to be problematic for the child that is involved.

Children Should Not Be Involved

Realistically, the child should not be involved, and the parents should know to be civil. However, sometimes this is not the case, and if the new relationship causes issues, maybe it should be stopped. 

They share that the one time the baby’s mother deserves to be jealous and mad is if the baby’s father is going around with various women, not just in a new relationship.

The father should know how to spend his time, and if he wishes to share it with multiple women, that’s when it becomes a real issue. 

Hopefully, this drama doesn’t occur in many relationships so that the child can remain safe and free of parental relationship drama. 

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