Her Noisy Upstairs Neighbor Wouldn’t Relent, so She Turned up the Volume Until He Silently Submitted

In this tale of revenge and resilience, India, a diligent college student, shares her journey of confronting a noisy upstairs neighbor and ultimately finding justice.

An Overly Noisy Neighbor

India resided in a modest apartment where thin walls seemed to amplify every sound. While she had come to accept the inevitable noises that accompany communal living, her upstairs neighbor was an entirely different breed of loud. With an uncanny knack for making his presence known, he would return to his abode late at night, car stereo blasting with reckless abandon.

To add insult to injury, his designated parking space was conveniently situated right in front of India’s bedroom window. Despite the disturbance, India persevered, equipped with a pair of trusty earplugs, managing to drift back into sleep.

He Was Doing Chores in the Early Hours of the Morning

However, the real trouble began when her neighbor’s nocturnal activities extended beyond simply arriving home. Vacuuming, doing laundry, and using the dishwasher became customary routines in the early hours of the morning. Unbeknownst to him, his actions disrupted India’s sleep and serenity. Yet, she found solace in her earplugs and an unwavering determination to make the best of the situation.

Yet, it was the neighbor’s penchant for leaving his windows wide open, coupled with his affinity for high-volume television viewing, that proved to be India’s ultimate breaking point. As a diligent college student immersed in an intense program, she required a tranquil environment for studying. Earplugs could only do so much against the deafening cacophony emanating from above.

She Couldn’t Take It Anymore

Frustrated, India decided to address the issue head-on, approaching her neighbor and politely requesting him to lower the TV volume during her study hours.

To her relief, he obliged during her initial attempts. However, his compliance proved to be short-lived. The problem persisted, despite her reminding him of the lease’s explicit quiet hours from 10 pm to 8 am. It seemed that her neighbor’s annoyance with her had reached its peak, as he retaliated by cranking up the volume on his television even louder as if daring her to challenge him further.

He Retaliated Instead of Complying

Undeterred, India resorted to filing a formal noise complaint, hoping that this would be the catalyst for change. Regrettably, the process yielded little more than empty promises and fleeting hope for a quieter existence.

On a fateful night, as India hunched over her textbooks, preparing for her upcoming finals, the unbearable din of her neighbor’s television invaded her space once again. The stress of the impending exams, combined with the incessant noise, pushed her to the brink of collapse. Fighting back tears, she could no longer bear this incessant assault on her concentration. Determined to salvage her study session, India’s mind concocted a mischievous plan—a calculated act of retribution.

A Calculated Act of Retribution

Connecting her lecture recording to a powerful speaker, India strategically positioned it atop a makeshift tower of chairs, ensuring that the sound waves were transmitted directly into the neighbor’s domain. As the volume reached its maximum, the vibrations reverberated throughout her apartment, even causing the ceiling to tremble. She unleashed this sonic onslaught for a relentless ten minutes, a sonic symphony of sweet revenge.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang, jolting India from her temporary triumph. Opening the door, she was met by her exasperated upstairs neighbor, who implored her to silence her auditory assault. With a mischievous glimmer in her eyes, India retorted, “I apologize, but your TV was so astoundingly loud that I couldn’t hear my lecture.” Astonished by her audacity, he huffed and defiantly cranked up his TV volume to an, even more, mind-numbing level. Unperturbed, India retreated to her car, seeking solace in the tranquility of a deserted parking lot. She may have lost the battle, but she was going to win the war.

She Had Him Busted for Possession

Armed with knowledge from their lease agreement, India discovered a clause prohibiting the possession of marijuana on the property. Observing her neighbor’s daily marijuana consumption and the sight of a sizable jar of weed during their confrontations, she recognized an opportunity. The following day, as the pungent smell of marijuana wafted through the building, India wasted no time in reporting the violation to the leasing office.

With bated breath, she peered through her window, hoping to witness the unfolding of her neighbor’s downfall. The property manager arrived, catching sight of him smoking on the balcony in plain view. Determined, India observed as the property manager ascended the stairs and knocked on his door.

Though their conversation remained unintelligible, India dared to dream that the manager had laid eyes upon the incriminating jar of weed. Days passed, and a sight that filled her with triumphant satisfaction appeared before her eyes: her neighbor began to move his belongings out of the building.

India hadn’t set out to stoop so low, but her neighbor’s inconsiderate actions had pushed her to the brink. She had won the battle, and a new and pleasant neighbor now occupied the upstairs unit, bringing an end to the incessant noise and allowing India to enjoy the peace she rightfully deserved.

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