“Affordability Remains a Significant Hurdle” – Average 30-Year Mortgage Rates Continue To Rise, Pricing Out Homebuyers

For the seventh week, the average interest rate for a 30-year mortgage has increased, maintaining steady growth as homeownership dreams are dashed for millions. Reaching New Heights Mortgage rates are reaching heights not seen in recent years, pricing out many would-be homebuyers. In an already difficult market with low inventory and quickly rising home prices, … Read more

Historically High Mortgage Rates Aren’t Hampering Real Estate Investment Popularity

What is Real Estate Commission

Despite historic highs in American mortgage rates, real estate investing remains strong.  According to a new study examining all industries within the S&P 500 Index, real estate investment still sees excellent returns, with an overall ranking of sixth best.  Recent data released by the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, or Freddie Mac, reveals that an … Read more

3 Common Cryptocurrencies to Invest In (If You Can Handle the Risk)

By now, most investors have probably heard about cryptocurrencies.  Cryptocurrencies are pervasive in news headlines as an asset to invest in for the future. The hoopla surrounding cryptocurrencies makes it difficult for investors to distinguish between investments, and to know which cryptocurrencies to invest in. Like any new investment, there will be survivors and ones … Read more

Searching for Yield: Massachusetts Leads Nationwide Increase in Interest in Dividend Related Searches

Recent findings from a study analyzing dividend-related search engine terms in the U.S. reports that Americans are overall showing increasing interest in dividend-related topics.  Residents in Massachusetts are most interested in dividend-related queries, ranking the most interested state in the past 30 days and the fourth most interested state in the past 12 months. Alabama, … Read more