He Had to Stop Inviting His Friend Out, He Kept Taking Food Without Asking – With His Bare Hands!

Recently a Reddit user asked if he was wrong for not wanting to invite one of his friends out for food. He’d had enough of them stealing food directly from his plate. Here’s the full story.

They Eat Out Regularly

The Original Poster (OP) is a 21-year-old who usually goes out for lunch with his friends. The gang has known each other for a long time and they have a good time when they get together.

Recently, they made friends with a new guy, John, aged 19. OP says he was a good guy and talks a lot about his views on life and politics.

The First Offence

One day, they decided to go for lunch and OP and his friend both ordered full meals while John only ordered a tiny box of chips for himself.

Things became weird when they sat down to eat and John began to help himself to their food with his bare hands, without even asking.

John started eating OP’s food and his friend’s right off their plates, not with a fork but with his hand.

Normally, OP says he wouldn’t have objected if he had asked. He would have removed a small amount from his large dish and placed it on his.

He Should Have Asked

What really irritated OP is that John removed food from their plates with his hand without even having the decency to ask.

OP had a really unclean feeling, and he further shared that if you ask to try someone else’s meal, it is typically considered polite in their respective common cultures to welcome them to take some of your own food.

But, John never even offered OP and his friend any of his chips.

He’s Outspoken

OP shares that John claims to despise capitalism and is an anti-capitalist.

Everyone is free to express their opinions and political beliefs, but now OP thinks he is using that as a justification for freeloading.

For the record, none of his friends—who represent various political ideologies, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, etc.—have ever responded in this manner.

Plus this wasn’t the only time.

It Happened Again…

Another time when they went to purchase food, John snatched half of OP’s meal and demanded a “taste” even though OP had paid for it and was eating lunch rather than breakfast.

Although OP remained silent, he was really annoyed by it.

OP shares that John is not, as far as he knows, having financial problems.

John frequently shares his dining experiences and has uploaded stories on Instagram, showing him dining at expensive restaurants.

Plus, John recently said to OP about his “unwise” decision to spend $300 on a shirt during a sporting event.

He Needs to Learn Manners

OP says John is a grown guy, so he doesn’t think he needs to say anything because he should be aware of fundamental manners.

OP thinks he is to blame for this, but he is torn since he thinks it is a trivial reason to be angry with him. OP doesn’t know whether John is really poor or is just a freeloader.

Now OP doesn’t want to eat out with him ever again.

The fact that none of OP’s friends or family members has done this makes him feel conflicted as well. OP feels like he should have been a little pushier and reinforced his boundaries.

He Needs to Set Boundaries

So OP took to Reddit to ask whether he was in the wrong for taking the decision.

Redditors sided with OP and said that he was not wrong and that not digging your bare hands into someone else’s food is basic manners in most cultures.

One Reddit user shared that John is unhygienic, rude for taking without asking, and a conscious leech in that he orders cheaper options under the assumption that he can take from others.

Another Redditor wrote, “No matter his political stance or whether he’s lying about the money he has to uphold an image, he does not have the right to just dig into someone else’s food; bare hands or not. The audacity it takes to reach into someone else’s plate of food is mind-boggling. You mention that this is the second time he’s done this. There’s no way I would’ve invited him out again after the first time.”

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