He Doesn’t Want to Be a Groomsman in His Best Friend’s Wedding Because the Groom’s Sister Is Weirdly Obsessed With Him – And They’re Meant to Be Partners!

As a groomsman, you generally have to follow directions from the bride or groom, but what happens if they want you to walk down the aisle with someone you’re uncomfortable with? This is the situation a Reddit user found herself in. Here’s the full story.

A Long-Term Friendship

Meet our Original Poster (OP) who’s engaged to Paul. Paul’s best friend is Jack.

Jack has been in a relationship with his fiancée Natalie for seven years, and Paul and OP have been together for six.

Weirdly, Natalie has always been obsessed with setting Paul up with her sister, Mary.

Even after Paul and OP got together, Natalie excluded OP from group gatherings and attempted to set up double dates between her, Jack, Paul, and Mary.

However, Paul was uncomfortable with Natalie’s behavior, and he set boundaries early on. But neither Mary nor Natalie respected them and kept crossing them.

A Weird Obsession

Eventually, Paul cut off contact with Mary and Natalie, only keeping in touch with his best friend, Jack.

A few years went by, and Natalie apologized to Paul and OP for her past behavior, and they all decided to move on like adults.

So they got together as they had in the old days sharing drinks and dinner. However, Paul still felt uncomfortable around Mary as she hadn’t completely changed her behavior around him.

Things took a turn when Jack asked Paul to be his groomsman at his wedding in a couple of months, which Paul happily accepted.

He Would Be Groomsman

Things got super weird when Natalie suddenly said that Paul would walk down the aisle with Mary, to which Paul refused.

Paul listed all of the reasons why he doesn’t want to.

Mary hasn’t changed at all, and neither Paul nor OP is at ease in the current situation, and OP is fully against it.

After some discussion, Natalie called OP and begged her to persuade Paul, saying, “Please don’t act insecure about this, you know how important a wedding is to a bride, don’t ruin this for me.”

They Set Their Boundaries

OP responded that she understands the importance of her wedding but that OP’s and Paul’s discomfort is more important to them than her wedding.

OP said that she could have chosen any other girl to walk with Paul, but she chose Mary.

After much back and forth, Natalie and Jack attempted to persuade Paul to accept Mary on this occasion, but he refused, stating that it was a deal-breaker and that he would step down as a groomsman.

However, now Natalie and her family are accusing Paul and OP of interfering with Jack’s wedding plans and saying they are the ones who are going too far. They are specifically blaming OP for being in the wrong.

The Reddit community showered their support for OP and Paul.

Readers Were on Their Side

Hundreds of comments said that Natalie is in the wrong here with her agenda of setting up Paul with her sister and that OP and Paul did the right thing.

One Redditor commented, “The important part here is Paul’s discomfort. This isn’t just you dictating. Jack isn’t being a good friend for insisting on this if it’s making Paul uncomfortable. You said he’s a groomsman, not the best man.

That’s the only scenario I could see where they want the maid of honor and best man to walk together for the flow, but it’s not the case here. If it’s going to “ruin” the wedding, Natalie needs to take a long hard look at herself and why this is such a hill to die on for her.”

Another Reddit user pointed out that Natalie is harassing Paul and OP and praised OP for sticking with Paul and his own discomfort.

A third Redditor wrote, “I’m wondering if, like, Paul twists his ankle the morning of the wedding and literally cannot walk, are they gonna cancel the whole wedding? Because Paul won’t be walking at all, so he certainly won’t be walking with Mary.

Ruined! They really need to consider this scenario. Maybe get Paul some bodyguards to make sure he doesn’t get hurt or anything before the wedding, if it’s so incredibly crucial for the success of the entire wedding that he walks down the aisle with Mary.”

So what do you think of this situation? Who is in the wrong here?

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