If Your Relationship Is Hitting the 7-Year Itch Mark, This Woman Swears by Mormonism!

Sometimes Relationships just fizzle out. This is commonly thought to occur around the 7-year mark, but there’s no hard and fast rule as to when it will occur. What the couple needs to decide, however, is whether they will fight for the relationship or let it go.

She Turned to Mormonism

TikToker Stephanie (@stephwithdadeets) shares a video of a woman called Taylor, who recently went on the Jimmy Rex podcast. Taylor admits that after seven years of a relationship, she thinks it is normal to want to explore other people. She admits to getting bored and believes becoming a Mormon is normal (and common). 

Taylor says that after seven years, people in relationships experience something called the “7-year itch,” where things can get a little stagnant and “mundane.”

Prevent the Relationship from Fizzling Out

So, she suggests that couples need to mix things up to make them more exciting. Otherwise, the relationship might fizzle out and need to come to an end. 

She continues to share that she has spoken to her close friends about it. She appreciates and enjoys having people to relate to.

Breaking the Taboo

Taylor suggests that discussing stagnant relationships and what to do when you experience this mundane period is taboo. Hence, she enjoys sharing this advice with the world of TikTok. 

Taylor suggests that it isn’t just the stagnant relationship that people like to hide, but people are also secretive about their desires. She states that it is ok to admit things have become boring and couples want to try new things. 

She says it is important to know what you do with the issue and how you overcome it.

Acknowledge Human Desires

Everyone is different, has different desires, and will work on relationship issues in certain ways. Yet, she wishes for people to understand it is human to have desires and want to try new things. 

Taylor indicates that although mainly females hide these desires, we all feel these things. She suggests women try to avoid these conversations because they don’t want to look strange or problematic in front of their friends. Yet, we all experience issues, so why don’t we talk about them more?

The solution lies in how you deal with these mundane times in a marriage. Some people might wish to try new things, while others are happy to wait until the fizzle reignites. 

She Suggests Mormonism

Taylor wants everyone to try new things, like Mormonism. She wishes more people would open up and speak about their relationship issues to show friends that it is normal. Furthermore, it allows friends to seek advice for problems they are experiencing. 

When the podcast portion of the video ends, Stephanie shares her opinion. First, she shares that she finds this really interesting as she is a fan of Taylor, and hearing Taylor share this information is like her admitting that she is trying Mormonism. 

Stephanie shares that what Taylor says makes sense and verifies that her relationship drama might have ended due to the couple trying new things. 

Try New Things

Every couple is different, has their own issues, and likes to deal with them in a unique way. Taylor prefers Mormonism and sharing her problems with her friends to seek support. 

It is normal to experience problems in relationships, and it is normal to want to try new things. 

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