Landlords Think They Deserve Tips More Than Hospitality Workers and the Internet Couldn’t Disagree More

This tenant flat-out refuses to tip the landlord. The landlord is questioning why someone would tip a restaurant worker over someone who’s “On call 24/7.”

Would You Like to Leave a Tip?

This skit, posted by a group of landlords known as @twoguystakeonrealestate, recently went viral on TikTok. In the video, one “tenant” is trying to pay rent when an option to tip comes up.

Imagine this: you hand over your hard-earned cash to your landlord as rent payment, and instead of a simple exchange, they pause, looking expectantly at you. Yes, they want a tip!

The internet had a lot to say about it.

Landlords Work Hard?

In the skit, the landlord asserts that they work harder than service industry workers and should be entitled to tips. 

They compare themselves to baristas, emergency responders, and delivery drivers, questioning why they don’t receive gratuities for providing a safe home and being on call 24/7. 

Landlord: So you’ll tip a barista who pours overpriced coffee into a cup, but not the guy who’s on call 24/7 to make sure you have a safe home.

Tenant: I’m not tipping you. This isn’t a restaurant.”

Landlord: Okay, so you’ll tip an extra 25% for somebody to carry you a basket of chicken wings, but you won’t tip someone who responds to after-hours emergency calls.

Tenant: I…uh…

Landlord: Yep. Well, I guess when it’s time for your lease renewal, I’m gonna make sure gratuity is included in your rent. It’s a little tip I learned from Two Guys Take on Real Estate.”

An Utterly Bizarre Concept

The idea was met with disbelief and controversy from commenters who found the concept utterly bizarre.

In the United States, tipping your server for their hard work at a restaurant has become a given. 

These landlords claim in the video that they work harder than anyone in the hospitality industry and should be rewarded for their hard work, but TikTokers have hit back in style.

Bringing landlords into a tipping culture has resulted in concerns and questions from commenters.

What are your thoughts on the idea of tipping landlords? Should they be included in the tipping culture? Share your opinions in the comments below and join the discussion on this controversial topic.

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