LGBTQ+ Book Banned From Florida School – Authors Sue to Get It Reinstated

The authors of the award-winning children’s book, ‘And Tango Makes Three,’ are taking legal action against a Florida school district for banning their book under the state’s controversial Don’t Say Gay law. 

Censorship of LGBTQ+ Book

And Tango Makes Three tells the heartwarming true story of a same-sex penguin couple raising a baby chick at New York City’s Central Park Zoo.

The book, which received critical acclaim, aims to promote tolerance, equal treatment, and diversity among families. However, it faced censorship within the Lake County School District in Florida earlier this year due to its LGBTQ+ content.

The ban was enforced in accordance with the state’s Don’t Say Gay law, which prohibits classroom discussions on LGBTQ+ issues and has already led to the censorship of school plays featuring queer characters.

Backlash From Families

Richardson, Parnell, and the families of affected students have taken legal action against the school district and Florida’s board of education, asserting that the Don’t Say Gay restrictions infringe upon their constitutional right to free speech.

The lawsuit argues that the ban on And Tango Makes Three lacked legitimate pedagogical justification and was motivated by narrow partisan and political interests.

The lawsuit seeks to reintroduce the book, emphasizing its educational value and its ability to teach children about animal behavior, adoption, and different family structures.

No Harm in Children Learning About Diversity and Love

The authors say they aimed to ensure that children, regardless of their own family structures, could learn about diversity and love through the experiences of Tango, the penguin chick.

The authors mentioned that the book challenges stereotypes and promotes empathy by highlighting the universal themes of family bonds and responsible parenting.

Richardson stresses that there is no harm in children learning about LGBTQ+ individuals and their existence, as it is age-appropriate and serves as an important step towards building a more inclusive society.

Drawing Comparisons

Richardson draws a comparison to the widely accepted children’s book Make Way for Ducklings, which follows a male and female duck looking for a place to raise their ducklings.

Both books depict water birds becoming parents and caring for their young, yet only one has faced censorship. Richardson says the absence of sexual implications or inappropriate content in And Tango Makes Three undermines any claim that it is harmful to children.

Freedom of Speech

Several Twitter users shared their opinions on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “That’s what needs to happen. They all scream they want to protect “freedom of speech”? Well, I got news for them: that isn’t for everybody.”

Another user commented, “What is wrong with people banning such books from school libraries? Kids should see the real world, not some conservative made-up bubble world.”

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