Mother-In-Law Insists Kids Come To Their Child-Free Wedding Reception at $65 Each! Would You Give In?

When two established adults decide to tie the knot, they expect their wishes to be respected, right? Not in Amber’s case!

Child-Free Please!

Despite their request for a child-free wedding due to a small venue and open bar, they faced an unexpected twist.

What was meant to be a relaxing celebration turned into a hot dog hunt, an infuriated mother-in-law, and an oblivious step-sister with kids. This is the story of a wedding reception turned upside down!

Dream Wedding Set-Up

OP and her partner, mature and self-reliant, were funding their own wedding. It was supposed to be a relaxing celebration with loved ones. Due to the small venue and an open bar, they requested a kid-free event.

However, the mother-in-law (MIL) took it upon herself to invite her step-sister’s kids. OP and her husband agreed, despite the expense of $65 per plate, even for the little ones.

Unexpected Trouble Begins

The younger daughter, a notorious fusspot at six, was expected to munch on hot dogs from her mom’s purse. But, no such prep had been made by the step-sister.

In response, the MIL, ever the problem-solver, abandoned the ongoing reception. She embarked on a mission to fetch food for the unprepared kid.

The Best Man’s Speech Goes Unseen

Meanwhile, the Best Man, OP’s brother-in-law, seized the moment to deliver his speech. The MIL was absent, missing the cherished moment.

Upon her return, the MIL expressed her anger about missing the speech. Instead of blaming herself, she directed her wrath at OP and her husband.

Cold War Unleashed

Her irritation led to weeks of cold shoulder towards OP and her husband. In contrast, the negligent step-sister escaped unscathed, except for occasional disapproving looks from OP.

Despite the drama, the event was memorable and served as a funny tale for the couple to tell. It also serves as a reminder that clear communication and respecting the wishes of the couple are crucial at a wedding. You wouldn’t want to be known as the one who initiated a hot dog hunt, would you?

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