Wife Takes to TikTok to Complain About Her Husband Publicly, but His Response Is Scathing!

When planning a family vacation it can become an overwhelming task, especially when your significant other doesn’t help at all. 

A Trip to Disney

In addition to the regular logistics, a Disney trip involves purchasing park passes, making dining reservations, subscribing to Genie Plus, obtaining Magic Bands, and making ride reservations.

While Disney may be considered the most magical place on Earth, the months leading up to the trip can sometimes feel like a soul-crushing endeavor.

Recently, a TikTok couple, Mallory Lee Richardson and her husband, Rhett Richardson, decided to embark on a Disney adventure with their two young kids.

Undoubtedly, this added an extra layer of stress to their lives. 

A Public Argument

What makes their situation particularly funny is the way they chose to handle it publicly on the internet, publicly calling each other out for what they perceived as an unequal division of labor in planning the trip.

Mallory, known for sharing Disney planning videos on TikTok, posted a video in which she expressed her frustration with her husband’s lack of involvement in the logistical aspects of the trip.

Mallory begins the video by acknowledging her husband’s hands-on approach as a father, stating,

“I love my husband, and he’s a very hands-on dad. But let me tell you right now, that man has no idea what we’re even doing in Disney.” 

Husband Doesn’t Help at All

She goes on to list the various aspects he seems unaware of, saying,

“He has no idea where we’re going to eat, he has no idea what we’re packing, he has no idea what we need at the parks, he has no idea what the kids are wearing. Like, what is a life to just show up at Disney and not have to plan any of it?”

Mallory’s frustration is understandable.

Planning a Disney vacation, especially when young children are involved, is an enormous undertaking.

It requires careful consideration of numerous factors to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for the whole family. 

Husband’s Comeback

In response, Rhett decided to address the issue publicly as well, creating a TikTok video to share his perspective.

He begins by stating, “This girl has no idea what the credit card charges are,” referring to Mallory.

He continues, “She has no idea about the bills… what’s it like to just go around swiping a piece of plastic all day?”

“I just wanna be the kids… no planning or paying, they’re the real winners here,” one viewer said. 

“Fellow plastic swiper here. Both sides are spitting FACTS! It’s a trade off. Marriage is never 50/50,” another added. 

“I’d rather show up to Disney and not have to pay for any of it lol,” someone wrote. 

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