She Called Out Her Child’s Description Rather Than Her Name to Find Her in a Crowded Place. And It Worked!

This TikTok mom, Krista Piper, went viral for sharing an ingenious method for finding her missing child in a crowded space. When she lost her child at a play place, Piper used the “Looking Loudly” method and found her child in no time at all. 

“Looking Loudly”

Piper lost her daughter in a giant play place, and she found her by using the brilliant “Looking Loudly” method. It helped her quickly track down her daughter in the crowded, public place. The play place was huge. It runs the entire length of this giant science museum, and searching on her own would have been difficult.

“Another mom actually found her for me and found her way faster than if I had done what I normally would have done.” 

Piper said she went seven years without losing one of her children. 

She Wasn’t Where She Left Her

“She must have just gone to a water table or something cuz she loves water.”

Piper explained that she started to panic. She grabbed her son and told him they needed to find his sister, Lily. She asked for his help, so then he got involved too.

She recalled after she began to shout out her child’s name, a video she had seen on TikTok about this exact situation. 

“It was a mom who had lost her kid and, I believe, in a grocery store. And instead of yelling out the kid’s name, she yelled out the description of what her child was wearing. And she was able to find her kid way faster.”

“So that is what I did. I stopped calling out her name, and I started yelling, ‘Little girl, pink shirt, pink Minnie Mouse shirt.’ And I’m sure people thought that I was a little crazy.”

‘Little Girl, Pink Shirt, Pink Minnie Mouse Shirt”

“She was probably only missing for maybe a minute to a minute and a half. But for me, it felt like an eternity.”

She could hear other moms repeating the same message.

“And luckily, a mom said, ‘Little girl, pink shirt.’ And I looked over, and I saw her, and I was like, ‘Thank you!’”

The Message Passed Down the Line

Piper’s unique method worked wonders in locating her daughter in a timely manner. 

While the thought of losing sight of your child in a public space is every mother’s worst fear, we should still allow our kids to explore freely.

TikTok users shared their insights in the comments, with one noticing the distress the mother was in straight away, “During your explanation, I noticed you got upset because that must have been overwhelming. Just wanted to say you did a great job, Mom!”

To which Piper replied, “I tried not to cry, but just thinking about it gets me. I stopped several times to recompose myself to finish the video.”

Another user backed up this method with this insightful thought, “Also safer than giving kids’ name away.”

What do you think of this unique method? Have you tried it with your child, and if so, did it work? Let us know in the comments.

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