Violent Patient Goes on Rampage Whilst Security Were Told to Patrol Parking

In this tale, Paul finds himself caught up in an unusual situation when a new manager’s decision turns their security protocols upside down. With limited resources, Paul and his team had to navigate the consequences of an unexpected order. Let’s take a look at the catastrophe that followed!

A Security Officer’s Tale

Paul B. found himself working as a security officer in a local hospital, tasked with keeping the premises safe.

The hospital consisted of various buildings, including the main building with the accident and emergency (ER) minors and wards, an estates office, an old ambulance station, the maternity ward, and a management house for upper management.

Surrounding the buildings were nine car parks of different sizes.

Being a relatively small hospital, there were only three security officers on each 8-hour shift. Their security office was located just outside of the ER, as that was where most of the trouble tended to occur.

They conducted regular patrols around the wards, typically once every 30 minutes, to ensure the safety of staff and patients.

A Complaint Ignored

One day, a nurse complained to the security manager about the need for increased visibility in the car parks to prevent break-ins.

However, due to limited funds, the hospital could not afford extra security for the car parks. The security manager understood this and decided to maintain the existing security protocols, focusing primarily on the wards and the ER department.

A Change in Approach

However, after six months, the security manager left, and a new manager took over.

This new manager heard the same complaint about car park security and decided to implement a change. The new manager ordered Paul and his team to start patrolling each and every car park and ward during their rounds.

Although Paul knew deep down that this approach was not practical or effective, he and his team agreed to comply with the new orders.

From that day forward, they walked through all the car parks, regardless of whether they were half-empty or nearly vacant.

An Emergency Call

A week or two later, an emergency call came in from ER. A patient was threatening staff, and they required immediate assistance.

Unfortunately, Paul and his team were at the back car park, over ten minutes away, even when running. Due to another rule that required security officers to work in pairs, their response time was delayed.

Incurring Damages

By the time they reached ER, the patient had already caused havoc, hitting staff members, breaking glass windows, and causing panic, among others.

Paul and his team managed to bring the situation under control, but it was too late. The hospital incurred thousands of pounds in damages, and some individuals suffered minor injuries!

Consequences of Car Park Patrols

In the aftermath of the incident, the new manager questioned the slow response time of the security team.

Paul and his team explained that they had been following the orders to patrol the car parks as instructed, even if it meant sacrificing their ability to respond quickly to emergencies.

Realizing the consequences of their decision, the manager took action. The next day, signs were put up in the car parks, warning visitors to park at their own risk.

Changes Afoot

They revoked the order to patrol half-empty car parks, and the focus shifted back to prioritizing the safety of the wards and the ER department.

The hospital soon experienced a change in management, as the new manager, who had only been in the position for a few months, departed.

This incident prompted a reassessment of priorities and a return to a more effective security approach, ensuring the safety of staff, patients, and the hospital premises.

Reassessment and Reversal

The new manager eventually departed, perhaps recognizing the flaws in their approach.

Paul B.’s tale stands as a reminder of the importance of considering the practical limitations and priorities when implementing security protocols.

It also highlights the significance of adapting and adjusting strategies based on the specific needs and resources of a given environment.

Have you ever had a job where you had to comply with a decision that seemed impractical or counterproductive?

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