Normally This Would Make Her An A**Hole, But Wait Till You Read About How This Bride-to-be Has Been Acting

A concerned sister recently posted on Reddit’s Am I the A**Hole (AITA) subthread asking if she was an AH for asking her sister to remove her from the wedding.

Bride or a Bridezilla?

The original poster’s (OP) twin sister was described as a “textbook narcissist” and has a wedding coming in May 2024. OP dreads when she thinks about serving as her Maid of Honor (MOH) because of her sister’s constant threat of demotion and removal. 

A Difficult Relationship Since Childhood

Growing up with a twin sister who is a “textbook narcissist” has been a constant battle for OP. Their relationship has always been tense because she holds grudges and constantly tries to control every aspect of OP’s life. 

Despite OP’s best efforts to make peace, OP’s sister remains hostile and dismissive, leaving OP feeling drained and exhausted.

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Constantly Walking on Eggshells 

One day they went to lunch, and the atmosphere during the meal was tense as they discussed wedding plans. A harmless question about the MOH’s dress quickly escalated into a storm of wrath. 

OP was accused of making everything about her and received irrational accusations. OP felt she was constantly walking on eggshells, afraid of setting her sister off.

The discussion later in the day shifted to the accommodation options for overnight guests at the 4H camp.

OP’s mother’s preference for an Airbnb was met with a joke about camping in a pop-up tent, but it only fueled OP’s sister’s anger. 

OP’s sister claimed this was a repeated conversation with her fiancé and accused OP of negativity and having an attitude. The mere mention of her wedding or bachelorette party triggered her rage, leaving OP feeling attacked and insignificant.

Things Are Starting to Boil Over

The drive back to OP’s sister’s apartment only worsened the situation, as she continued her rampage for ten long minutes. Trapped in the car, OP had to endure the weight of her accusations and insults. 

Upon arrival, her sister’s anger reached its boiling point as she accused OP of not caring about her or wanting her in OP’s life.

OP’s sister then asked if she would have her at OP’s wedding, and OP responded and said she would be eloping and that if OP’s sister wanted to buy a plane ticket, she could come.

This infuriated her sister further, and continued to throw out insults and accusations.

Being Pushed to Your Limits

OP was at her wit’s end, unable to endure her sister’s verbal assaults any longer. She gathered her belongings and walked out. OP removed herself from her sister’s wedding by sending a text message.

The thought of being a part of her sister’s wedding and serving as her MOH filled her with dread, and she was relieved to have decided to step away.

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Should She Feel Guilty for Not Being in the Wedding?

OP has always tried to be there for her sister, but she constantly belittles and insults OP.

OP is tired of being used as a sounding board for her anger and frustration and refuses to be mistreated. She stood by her decision but asked the Reddit community if she was AH. 

What Reddit Had to Say

The Reddit comments were overwhelmingly in favor of OP. Most of them couldn’t believe OP’s sister would treat OP so badly, but some wondered if this story was being overdramatized. 

One Reddit user said, “You dodged a bullet. That wedding is going to be a **** show.” Another replied to that, saying, “A bullet? Sounds like OP dodged a nuke!”

PricklyPossum added, “Based on what you’ve said she is, at a minimum, being a bridezilla.”

One Redditor questioned the validity of OP’s story stating, “Every time I see someone call someone else a “textbook narcissist” I get a little skeptical the narcissist is the other person.”

What do you think? Who is the narcissist here? Should the sisters put aside their differences for this special day? Would you put up with someone acting like this?

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