She’s Not the Mommy So Why Is This Teen Always Left Holding the Baby?

These parents have been minimally involved in their daughter’s life and are now expecting another child. Except this time it will be easier as they have free live-in childcare in the form of her! She has other plans though and won’t be putting her life on hold for their life choices! 

She’s Their Only Child

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The Original Poster (OP) is a 16-year-old with a distant relationship with her parents.

OP mentions that her parents had always intended to have only one child.

Mom Wanted a Career

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Her parents found childcare to be absurdly costly and OP’s mom enjoyed her career too much to stay at home.

Distant and Cold Parents

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Additionally, according to OP, her parents just aren’t very natural parents and are rather hands-off.

They are not particularly interested in OP’s life, and they never do anything as a family.

Their Contribution Is Financial Only

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They contribute to OP’s life only in monetary terms and no more.

A Surprise New Addition!

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The story begins when OP’s mom surprisingly discovered she was pregnant.

Again, Not a Stay-at-Home Mom

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When OP overheard them talking about what they would do, OP’s mother kept stating that she wasn’t going to remain at home and she wasn’t going to take a lot of maternity leave.

Her mother said that she was eager to get back to work.

They Didn’t Want to Pay For Childcare

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They complained about the price of hiring a babysitter while they were at work, over the summer, and other things. Plus, OP overheard them name her.

They Wanted Her to Be Their Babysitter

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Then things took a turn when they sat OP down last week and told her they had plans to have OP watch the baby for 3–4 hours after school till they got home from work.

The End of Hobbies and a Social Life

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OP was taken aback as this would entail giving up all of her after-school activities and she would have not time to hang out with friends.

“No Way”

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They also urged OP to spend the upcoming summer at home and to think about sticking around for the following few seasons.

But OP said, “No way.”

You Have Obligations

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Then, they informed OP that as a family member, she now has obligations and will soon be a big sister.

She Made it Clear She Wasn’t a Co-Parent

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OP informed them that “they” were the parents and that OP was just a guest in their home, not a parent.

She’d Move Out

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OP got angry and told them she could rush graduation and leave their house so that they couldn’t use her as free daycare.

Mom and Dad Were Taken Aback

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OP’s parents were shocked at her response.

Good Students Can Graduate Early

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OP learned that with the grades she maintains and the work she puts in, she could finish her senior year early since she is practically done with junior year.

Emotional Blackmail Didn’t Work

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Her parents were upset with her and informed her that by doing this she would be missing out on a lot.

She informed them she wouldn’t look after or raise the child on their behalf.

She isn’t Letting a Baby Spoil Her Life!

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She mentioned she has a life of her own, and having a baby at home is not a part of it.

They Accused Her of Being Selfish

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They warned OP that she was being selfish and advised her to consider what she was discarding.

Bad Sister?

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They told her if refuses to participate in the baby’s life, she is a bad person and a bad sister.

OP asked Reddit if she was wrong for what she said, and thousands of comments poured in supporting OP.

One Reddit user said that it is a ridiculous amount of time daily and that they are the parents and they have to figure their own things out.

It’s THEIR Responsibility

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Another Redditor commented, “THEY are the parents, it is THEIR child and THEIR responsibility. I get help out once in a while but this is unfair to you. Plus you are 16! You are so young. What happens if you go to college or something? They are irresponsible parents.”

A third Redditor wrote, “You honestly sound way more mature than your parents. Please go as far away as possible from them as soon as you can.”

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