What Numbers Do You See in This Optical Illusion of Hidden Numbers? The Answer Has Twitter In a Frenzy

This mystery puzzle took Twitter by storm. Read on to find out what’s got everyone’s attention.

A Perplexing Puzzle

First shared on February 16 by @Benowine, the visual puzzle swiftly ignited thousands of responses from puzzled viewers seeking to unravel its secret.

Within the perplexing spiral, some observers claimed to perceive the number “528,” while others reported a more extended sequence, deciphering “45283.” In both instances, individuals expressed a sense of unease and curiosity, pondering the implications these revelations might hold for their eyesight.

Others took a lighthearted approach, joking that numbers represented the number of parties a political leader attended during lockdown.

The Real Answer Is Astonishing

Contrary to these varied interpretations, the actual answer to the riddle extends even further, encompassing an astonishing sequence of seven digits: 3452839.

This optical illusion, occupying the intriguing realm between a psychedelic magic eye poster and the infamous “What color is the dress?” controversy that captivated the online world in 2015, reportedly capitalizes on contrast sensitivity—a vital aspect of ocular function that enables us to discriminate objects from their surrounding backgrounds.

An elevated degree of contrast sensitivity proves beneficial in environments characterized by low-light conditions and in situations marked by mist and fog, where distinguishing foreground objects from their backdrop becomes more challenging.

A Visual “Sleight-Of-Hand”

The confounding puzzle employs a similar visual sleight-of-hand, skillfully situating the intricately designed swirls and numerical characters on distinct perceptual planes. 

As a result, people with heightened contrast sensitivity have the ability to discern the complete sequence of all seven digits concealed within the spiral’s intricate depths.

Conversely, those whose contrast sensitivity may not possess the same heightened acuity might find themselves limited to identifying only a truncated version of the numerical sequence, showcasing the intriguing variability of human visual perception.

Amid the perplexing revelations, one witty commentator said, “How did you know my pin number, are you a wizard?” 

What number do you see? Let us know in the comments!

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