Outrage at Mom’s Dancing Video With Stillborn Baby as a Way of Coping With Grief

A mother who was mourning the loss of her stillborn baby found solace in sharing videos of herself dancing and lip-syncing with the baby’s body. This incident raises questions about the impact of social media on our humanity, as it often promotes artificial emotions and insincere positivity. 

Immortalizing a Moment

People are expressing shock over TikTok’s failure to remove a video of a woman dancing with her stillborn baby. User @lexxxieb had been documenting her pregnancy journey on the popular social media platform, but sadly, her child was born without a heartbeat.

Perhaps driven by her anticipation of sharing moments with her newborn or overwhelmed by grief, Lexie decided to immortalize what could have been by dancing with her stillborn baby on TikTok. 

Distressing for Viewers

The public is appalled and offended by the fact that she embraced the full TikTok aesthetic in the video, including the choice of music, a filter on her face, and the uploading of multiple clips featuring the stillborn baby. 

People can’t decide which is more distressing: the clip with the rainbow clown face or the lip-sync video where she imitates the character Sarah Lynn from BoJack Horseman while talking to the baby.

A Way of Coping

In one video, Lexie mentioned that she is “coping” with the stillbirth in her own way, stating, “Dark humor at its finest let me cope in peace pls #pregnancy #fyp #viral.”

In another video, she wrote, “How I choose to deal with my stillborn birth let me cope in peace.” #fyp #pregnancy #viral

Beyond Comprehension

Comments on the videos were disabled, likely due to the numerous individuals who couldn’t comprehend why someone would exploit their child’s stillbirth for attention on TikTok’s “For You Page.”

It’s challenging to comprehend what was going through Lexie’s mind, particularly as she expressed a desire to cope “in peace.”

One might assume that seeking “peace” in coping implies a desire to be left alone. However, by posting a video for the world to see on the internet, she exposes her coping process to public scrutiny.

Eventual Moderation of Content

Initially, the videos were not found to violate TikTok’s user policy, so the app allowed them to remain. 

However, moderators eventually decided to take down the clips, stating, “While it can be challenging for platforms like ours to balance an individual’s need for healing expression with the community’s expectation for a safe viewing experience, our Community Guidelines determined this as the appropriate action,” as reported by Hashtag Hyena.

Millions of Views

Despite this, Lexi continues to upload videos of herself with her baby and has been responding to users’ questions about her decision. Surprisingly, her videos have garnered millions of likes and replays on the platform, with many viewers commenting on their shocking nature.

While some criticized Lexi, others acknowledged that her actions stemmed from profound grief. Many Twitter users argued that she shouldn’t face criticism for her videos as she is likely not in a stable mental state following such a traumatic event. 

Navigating Grief

Grief counseling, therapy, and a strong support system can play a vital role in helping individuals navigate the overwhelming emotions associated with the loss of a child.

As for social media platforms like TikTok, they face a challenging task in balancing individual expression and community standards. While it may be difficult for them to determine the appropriate boundaries, they must prioritize the well-being and safety of their users. In this case, TikTok eventually decided to remove Lexi’s videos, recognizing the potential harm they could cause.

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