Is US Tipping Culture Completely Out of Hand? Outrage at Woman Asked to Tip Three Times Over…for Takeout!

A customer’s TikTok video went viral after she expressed astonishment at being asked to tip three times for a single food order, sparking outrage and debate over tipping practices in the restaurant industry.

Tipping Gone Mad

In a video, a customer expressed her astonishment after being asked to tip three times for picking up her food, sparking outrage among viewers. Here’s the story.

The COVID-19 pandemic has fostered a deeper appreciation for essential workers, including food delivery personnel. Given that most individuals in the restaurant industry earn low base salaries, it is customary to leave a generous tip for their service, whether for takeout or dining in.

However, tipping practices vary among people, with some leaving an additional tip or simply paying 15 percent of the bill.

So, when a customer shared on TikTok that she was requested to tip three times, it left many people dumbfounded. Here’s what happened. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true! 

She Always Tips

In a TikTok video posted on June 19, 2023, the creator Morgan Huelsman (@webgirlmorg) recounted her experience of being asked to tip three times for a single food order.

“Am I going crazy, or is this the new norm?” Morgan questioned TikTok users. As the video begins, a shocked Morgan proceeds to share her story.7

“Y’all, tipping has gone too far,” Morgan exclaimed. “Let me explain before you come at me.”

Morgan acknowledged that she understands the challenges faced by servers and the food industry as a whole. “So, whenever I go out to eat or order takeout, I always tip generously,” Morgan explained.

“So, when I ordered takeout last night, there was already a gratuity added. Cool, great, we appreciate that. I also added an extra tip to the total, okay?”

However, things quickly took a bizarre turn from there.

Unbelievably Absurd

“But let me tell you, I almost lost my mind when I arrived to pick up my order—not having it delivered—and they handed me this nice little receipt… for an additional tip,” Morgan shared, displaying the actual receipt. “A third tip for the same order,” Morgan expressed her disbelief.

“And when I refused to sign it, the employee gave me a look like I had ruined his entire day.

Sir, I’m not tipping you for a third time. What is going on? This is ridiculous. I get it, you deserve the money, but three times? It’s safe to say that some individuals in the restaurant industry might be out of touch with reality.”

Under Morgan’s video, TikTok users unanimously agreed that requesting a tip not once, not twice, but three times for a single order is absurd.

Paying Their Salaries

Furthermore, since gratuity was already added to the order, Morgan’s additional tip should have been more than sufficient to cover the meal.

“Wait, they added an automatic gratuity to a pick-up order? Oh, hell no. Cancel the order. I’ll cook. I’m tired of paying other people’s salaries,” one person commented.

“I completely agree. Every establishment has a tip jar available. I’m tired of feeling obligated to tip all the time,” another person remarked.

“I never tip for carry out, sorry not sorry,” added another individual.

Tip, Tip, Tip

To be fair, anyone reasonable can understand Morgan’s frustration. Not only was she willing to pay the added gratuity, but she also offered even more money.

Thus, the server’s expectation of being tipped three times in a row, like a game of tic-tac-toe, is utterly ridiculous.

While it is acknowledged that the service industry is challenging and that some people may not tip or may not tip adequately, this does not justify pressuring someone who is willing to compensate for the service provided.

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