She Didn’t Appreciate Her Customer’s Comedic Antics, They Were Really Just Being Rude

Tina, a manager in charge of bar bookings, found herself in a strange predicament. Luckily help was on hand from the most unlikely of places! Let’s take a look.

Customers Thinking They’re Comedians

Tina’s role was to ensure that groups had their reserved areas ready, provide excellent table service, or allow them to order directly from the bar. However, there was a persistent issue that tested Tina’s patience time and time again.

It seemed that no matter how perfectly she arranged the tables, people would always occupy the reserved spaces before the designated group arrived. These individuals, believing themselves to be comedians, would often retort with snarky remarks when asked to move. Tina had faced this scenario countless times, and it never failed to drain her energy.

On our fateful day, as Tina approached one such occupied table, she mustered up the last bit of patience she had left. “Sorry guys, but this table is reserved. The booking will be here in 5 minutes,” she politely informed the two individuals sitting there.

“We’re Part of the Booking”

Anticipating a cooperative response, Tina was greeted with smug grins and snide remarks, “We’re part of the booking.” Discouraged by the encounter and their refusal to budge, even after asking multiple times, she decided to leave them be, unable to summon the energy to argue further.

However, the course of events took an unexpected turn when Tina’s eagerly anticipated booking arrived.

To her surprise, a delightful older lady had reserved the large table for a special night out with her girlfriends. Introducing herself, Tina informed the lady, Emma, about the two men who had stubbornly refused to vacate her table. In an attempt to fix the situation, Tina suggested calling security to teach them a lesson.

Her Customer Approached the Troublemakers

But Emma, radiating a sense of confidence and determination, dismissed the idea. “No honey, I’ll handle it. Don’t worry,” she reassured Tina with a knowing smile. Intrigued and filled with a mix of anticipation and admiration, Tina watched as Emma approached the table, ready to confront the troublemakers.

With an air of authority, Emma faced the two men, her voice carrying both power and disdain. The ensuing conversation was nothing short of remarkable:

Tina: “Hi guys, my booking is here. This is Emma. She’s here.”

Guys: “Hi Emma, thanks for inviting us to the get-together! You’re a bit late. Weren’t you supposed to be here for 5?” (Little did they know that Tina had intentionally set an earlier time on the sign to allow herself ample preparation time. The actual booking was for 5:15.)

She Gave Them a Piece of Her Mind

Emma: “I literally have never seen either of you in my entire life. My waitress had already instructed you to vacate the table, and yet you stubbornly remained seated. Now that I’m here, kindly get the hell off my reserved table and show some respect. You’re not funny; you’re just a pair of smart-[mouth] middle-aged losers in trash suits.”

The impact of Emma’s words reverberated through the bar, leaving Tina awestruck. Emma’s unwavering determination and eloquence at that moment transformed her into a true Queen: Queen Emma.

After the confrontation, Queen Emma shared with Tina that she had been a server herself in her younger days and couldn’t stand people who displayed such disrespectful behavior. Tina couldn’t help but feel that Queen Emma’s actions deserved a VIP spot in heaven.

The Patron Saint of Servers

Redditors loved this story – many of them had been servers and knew that a customer like Queen Emma was like gold dust! One user wittily said, “Her Majesty’s Queen Emma, the Patron Saint of Servers.”

Another Redditor commented, “I hope you comped her a drink for that one! I hope they slunk off with their tails between their legs.”

The tale of Queen Emma serves as a timeless reminder to all of us. It teaches us to draw inspiration from those who possess the courage to confront trouble and stand up for what is right.  

Despite the frustration she felt, Queen Emma’s approach to the situation was firm yet composed. By emphasizing the need for respect, she fixed the immediate problem and left a lasting impression on Tina and, hopefully, on the two men.

Have you ever been in Queen Emma’s situation? How did you handle it?

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