She Uncovered PetSmart’s Dirty Little Secret, They Were Dumping Live Fish

This TikToker shocking dumpster diving discovery raises some serious concerns about PetSmart’s animal disposal procedures. Were live fish really discarded by PetSmart? 12.2 million TikTok viewers seem to think so.

An Entire Box of Live Betta Fish Discarded in a Dumpster

A TikTok video depicting what appears to be an entire box of live Betta fish discarded in a dumpster outside a PetSmart store in Idaho has garnered significant attention, amassing more than 12.2 million views. 

The video, shared by user Kate Hahn (@ugckatehahn32), showcases her first-time dumpster diving experience, uncovering individually packaged Betta fish left behind.

First-Time Dumpster Diving Experience

In the footage, Hahn expresses astonishment, stating, “PetSmart literally threw them away.” The video concludes with both Hahn and a female companion gasping as they discover one fish in a container with minimal water. 

“Words cannot describe how disgusted I am,” Hahn wrote in the video as she picks up live fish in small plastic containers. 

Petsmart Literally Threw Them Away

“Oh my God, this is so sad,” she continued. 

According to viewers, this isn’t an isolated incident. 

“PetSmart has been doing this for yearrrrrs. I found an entire colony of hermit crabs back in 2016,” said one TikTok user in the comments section of Hahn’s video.

“This is like the 7th time I’ve seen @PetSmart do this!!!”

The Fish Had Been in the Dumpster for Nearly Four Days

In an update, Hahn reveals the box was dated May 10, indicating the fish had been in the dumpster for nearly four days. She explains her inability to provide proper care due to the fish requiring specialized water drops.

Hahn encountered difficulties finding suitable homes for the fish, as male Betta fish cannot be housed together due to their aggressive nature. Female fish, on the other hand, can sometimes coexist if provided with adequate space.

In a subsequent video, Hahn shares her conversation with shocked PetSmart employees. She mentions that the blue water in the fish container is similar to liquid oxygen, commonly used for shipping live fish. 

Why Didn’t Anybody Inspected Its Contents?

While Hahn pieces together some aspects of the situation, she expresses confusion about the box’s weight and why nobody had inspected its contents.

Following the incident, Hahn reports that one worker took the fish home and successfully saved all but one. The remaining fish have been returned to PetSmart. 

Took the Fish Home and Successfully Saved All but One

TikTok users shared their own experiences and expressed dismay at the alleged disposal of live animals by PetSmart. Some suggested that instead of throwing them away, the company should offer the animals for free to interested individuals.

“My heart is BROKEN,” someone wrote. 

“Never going to a pet smart again,” another proclaimed. 

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