President ‘Family Man’ Biden Refuses to Acknowledge Hunter’s Estranged Daughter as His 7th Grandchild

President Biden has always emphasized the importance of family in his political narrative. However, recent scrutiny has emerged surrounding his acknowledgment of his seventh grandchild, Navy Joan Roberts. Here’s the full story.

A Family Man

In a column by Maureen Dowd titled “It’s Seven Grandkids, Mr. President,” Biden is criticized for not recognizing Navy, who is the daughter of Hunter Biden and Lunden Alexis Roberts.

Dowd points out that Biden’s mantra has always been centered on family, claiming that “the absolute most important thing is your family.”

She argues that by refusing to acknowledge Navy’s existence and playing a role in her life, Biden is disregarding his core principles.

Deliberate Exclusion

Dowd asserts that this omission has the potential to scar Navy’s life and contradicts the empathy and understanding that Biden has consistently emphasized.

The President has previously stated that he has six grandchildren and speaks to them daily.

This public statement, along with alleged mentions in strategy meetings by Biden aides, suggests a deliberate exclusion of Navy as the seventh grandchild.

Refusal to Accept 7th Child

Dowd’s column reveals that her sister, Peggy Dowd, wrote a letter condemning Biden’s actions and urging him to acknowledge Navy’s place within the family.

Peggy’s letter expresses disappointment in Biden’s refusal to admit or accept Navy’s existence.

Peggy wrote, “I watched as you told the nation that you had six grandchildren and you loved each one of them. I believe that.”

“What I cannot believe and what I find unconscionable is that you refuse to admit or accept the fact that there is a beautiful little 4-year-old girl living in Arkansas by the name of Navy Joan who is your seventh grandchild,” she added.

The letter went on to say, “She has the Biden blood running through her veins, and all she is going to have as a reminder of this are some of Hunter’s original paintings; sounds like a lousy trade-off, if you ask me.”

Child Support Case Settled

The settlement of the child support case between Hunter and Lunden, which occurred last month, adds further complexity to the situation.

Hunter had previously claimed to have no recollection of meeting Lunden, despite her alleged presence on his consulting firm’s payroll.

The legal resolution of the case raises questions about the extent of Biden’s involvement and knowledge regarding his grandchild’s upbringing.

Different Standards

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the situation.

One YouTube user wrote, “How sad that a grandparent doesn’t acknowledge his granddaughter, and He’s our president who is supposed to be kind and loving.”

Another user added, “I feel if this was Trump, they’d be disgusted that he doesn’t acknowledge his grandchild.”

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