New Law Allows Gender Self-Identification Without Surgery and No Requirement to Declare Gender at Birth

In a significant move for the LGBTQ+ community, the state parliament of Queensland, Australia, has passed laws allowing people to update their gender on their birth certificates and other official documents without requiring surgery. 

Gender Change Without Surgery

On June 14, the Queensland parliament approved a series of amendments to self-identification laws, effectively removing the surgery requirement for gender updates on official documents.

This decision places Queensland at the forefront of jurisdictions recognizing and supporting the rights of transgender and gender-diverse individuals.


The reforms were prompted by the recognition that surgery should not be a prerequisite for gender affirmation. Under the new laws, individuals aged 16 and above can legally self-identify on their birth certificates, provided they submit a supporting statement from an adult who has known them for at least one year.

The legislation also extends self-identification rights to individuals aged 12 to 15, granting them the ability to update their documents with parental permission or through an application to the courts.

No Gender Identification at Birth

Another significant aspect of the reforms is the option for parents to omit gender information from their newborn’s birth certificate. This choice allows families to determine the information they want to be recorded, aligning with the principles of self-determination and personal agency.

Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath emphasized that this option would provide individuals with the greatest control over their personal information.


Advocacy group Equality Australia hailed the legislative changes as “momentous” in a social media statement, applauding Queensland for removing outdated legal barriers.

The reforms are expected to have a profound impact on the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals in Queensland and those born in Queensland but residing elsewhere.

Some Opposition

While the reforms were met with opposition from the Liberal National Party, attorney-general Yvette D’Ath countered concerns by highlighting that Queensland had drawn upon the experiences and models of other jurisdictions to shape its own legislation.

She emphasized that the reforms were not dangerous or reckless but instead represented a progressive step forward in aligning with the rights and needs of the LGBTQ+ community.

Divisive Views

Social media users were split in their views.

One Twitter user wrote, “Self ID laws never work out well for anyone except those who take advantage of it for their kinks.”

Another user commented, “So transitions mean nothing, I can just identify as male or female whenever I pay the government for the convenience. How is that a victory for anyone who’s Trans, doesn’t it lower the plight or the value of that transition.”

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