Racist Row Broke Out at Fast Food Restaurant as Suspected White Supremacist Unleashed a Tirade of Abuse

Disturbing video footage capturing a deeply unsettling incident at a Popeyes restaurant has surfaced, showcasing a suspected white supremacist engaging in a violent confrontation with a fast-food worker. The confrontation stemmed from a dispute regarding an order. 

Racist Rant

The video, which quickly went viral, raised alarming concerns about a potential federal hate crime as the white man in the footage resorted to threatening language evoking the dark history of lynching, embodying a deeply racist mindset.

The video begins abruptly, offering little context, with the unidentified white man visibly enraged as he approaches the counter separating Popeyes customers from the workers. While holding a phone to his ear, he demands a refund for his food. 

A Torrent of Abuse

Amidst the commotion, one of the workers, an older man, utters some unintelligible words, prompting the white man to point at the camera and claim that he was called a “cracker” by the worker filming the encounter.

When questioned by the older worker about the reason behind being called such a term, the white man’s response provided immediate insight into the missing context. He unleashed a torrent of racist and derogatory names, demonstrating the depths of his racist beliefs and attitudes. 

Ignoring the indifference towards his grievances, the white man proceeded to unleash a racist, privileged, and entitled tantrum that would shame even the most extreme racists.

Hate Speech Caught on Camera

Facing the camera that steadfastly recorded the spectacle, he continued to spew racist remarks and threats towards the black employees. In a deliberate attempt to emphasize his racial animosity, the white man widened his eyes, leaned over the counter, and directed his hateful speech directly into the camera, accentuating his anti-black hatred by elongating the hard “R” sound.

Racist Response

Amidst some giggles heard from behind the camera, the person filming responded with equally profane words for the white man. However, just when it seemed that the situation couldn’t deteriorate any further, the white man stooped even lower by physically threatening the worker who allegedly called him a “cracker,” and disturbingly, he suggested the possibility of lynching them.

Resigned to defeat and resorting to crude jokes about the worker’s grandmother, the white man began walking back towards the front doors, which he had initially stormed through while demanding a refund that he clearly never received. In a parting remark, the worker humorously remarked, “Ya chicken’s getting cold, fat boy!”

Deep Disappointment

Although the exact date of the recording remains unclear, it appeared to be a TikTok video. However, the video was not found on the account @mikehawk397, to which it was credited. A social media post accompanying the video expressed deep disappointment that in 2022, such profound hatred based on skin color still persists, specifically mentioning the location as Okeechobee.

In an attempt to identify the white man in the video, a social media user shared a purported mugshot from 2014, claiming it depicted a person named Colton Pete Norsworthy from Okeechobee, Glades, FL. 

The charges mentioned in the mugshot were felony battery by strangulation, obstructing justice, and tampering in the case, all of which are serious offenses. However, a search for the name Colton Pete Norsworthy in the Domestic Violence Database yielded no results.

Brazen Anti-Black Slurs

Despite uncertainties surrounding the identity, there were tweets confirming the existence of a Popeyes restaurant in Okeechobee, along with claims that Norsworthy’s identity had been verified by individuals on Facebook. 

Regardless of the man’s true identity, his violent and racist outburst against a black Popeyes employee exposed his face to the world, allowing the power of social media to hold him accountable for his brazen display of unabashed and unadulterated anti-black racism.

Tragically, this incident, whenever it took place, serves as a stark reminder that racist disputes within Popeyes restaurants may not be isolated occurrences. It highlights an ongoing issue that persists within fast-food establishments and beyond, where individuals with deeply ingrained racist beliefs feel emboldened to unleash their hatred on innocent workers simply trying to do their jobs. 

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